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Edit20180615: Adjusted highlight on Twilight's mane

Edit20180423: Adjusted the characters' head sizes

There's this one time when ...

For some reason I jsut wanted to do some Moon Dancer art, then this got more and more complex and until this is as much detailing as I can take
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luohanponeHobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice work. This is a beautiful piece.
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AidelankHobbyist Digital Artist
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Wonderful work. I like style here.
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I like this art style as myself who formally studied Art for a while I have to say I do like this from the shading to the various color effects Job well done congrats.
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ArtJournal77Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazingly good artwork Undertale - Determination | Red pixel heart | F2U
Flower Love
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BlowingKissezHobbyist Digital Artist
I've only seen a couple seasons of MLP (and this was years ago) so Idk who the other pony is, but this drawing conveys her character quite well. Good job!
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I utterly loooove the scene! The sunlight, the greenery... it brings back some of the dearest memories of past Summers I have. Also, the colours and the attention to detail and the ponies' facial expressions and... Let me just say thank you for this gem. Really made my day. :)
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is it true people who like my little pony are pedophiles?
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SolarianaProfessional Digital Artist
No, that's not true at all. People who like mlp are normal people - for instance, I'm a well-put-together female college student and my boyfriend is a totally normal dude. We both love mlp and watch the new episodes together when they come out. Neither of us are bad or weird people in any way - we just like this particular cartoon. Really, we treat it like any other anime or TV show that you would watch.

People like us are the rule, not the exception. Most fans of the show aren't interested in the mlp porn, or they find it gross. That said... being interested in the porn also does NOT make someone a pedophile. It would just mean they have a fetish, which doesn't make someone a bad person. Overall, no, being a mlp fan does NOT predispose one to being a "pedophile". That means that someone is sexually attracted to kids, and is a super fucked up and very rare occurence. It probably occurs with about the same small rate as it does in the larger general population.

So, in short... you've heard it all wrong, we're just normal, nice people who like to watch the show lol.  :D (Big Grin) 
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how dare you speak to me
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SolarianaProfessional Digital Artist
Lmao that tends to happen when you ask a question. 
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never ever speak to me again or you will regret, this is your first and only warning, brony scum
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Bliss, in a picture. Moon Dancer looks so pleased to be having some quality time with her crush 
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charreddragonchi Traditional Artist
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"I once caught an apple THIS big."
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vivid caption!
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That's adorable. Lovely work. :)
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