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Randoms stuff to vent my frustration

Not much thought went into this one, so posing and anatomy and many other stuff look abysmal. I find my lack of patience ... disturbing
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ArtJournal77Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like your paintings, very good style Undertale - Determination | Red pixel heart | F2U
Flower Love 
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Wonderful work. I like this digital painting style.
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Lunar-White-WolfHobbyist Traditional Artist
It's so beautiful!
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MeanlucarioHobbyist Writer
Is this shipping? I'm asking for the tags on another site.
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PlainoasisHobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe and maybe not, I didn't really consider this when I started this drawing, so I guess it's up to the viewer. But personally I do like Twilestia shipping.

If I may, why do you ask? 
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MeanlucarioHobbyist Writer
Because someone add the shipping tags to this on Derpibooru, and I want to know if they are the appropriate tags or not.
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PlainoasisHobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm okay, thanks for the concern then.
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Very nice job and I like Twilight and Celestia's expressions.
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AstralMelodiaHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this?????
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Hey, the colors are pretty, to say the least =P
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As hard as you are on it, it's still a very nice picture Plainoasis. It has lovely emotion and is very dynamic.  
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PlainoasisHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the kind comment Firi! (Hope it's okay I call you this)

I just meant that there's tons of stuff that can be refined in this one, but since I didn't design a good pose and composition before I started painting, I didn't feel like doing those refinements.

Knowing you should do something but absolutely not wanting to do it ... is not a good feeling
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Heh, it's fine, most people do eventually. 

Well, sure there are some things that can be refined, but there is more to art than poses. Lighting, emotion and 'feel' can be equally if not more important than getting every small aspect technically correct. It is rough, but it feels like someone who knows them very well wanted to catch a moment before it faded. 

And yeah, I'm pretty guilty of knowing I should do or go back and fix something and choose not to do so. (predominantly out of laziness, if I'm being honest.) I get where you're coming from. 
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