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Is it just me or in the last year whoever gets to choose the daily deviations, has no knowledge in art nor trends. I used to see lots or good pieces of artwork in the daily deviation and now nothing, only pokemons and naive sketches, just check it to see for yourself.. nothing to admire, to compete with or to receive inspiration from or original artwork.. that's so sad as to me this days Shadowness started to take DA's place and it's very small, but the amount of good work I can find by just going on the homepage.. loads of inspiration from good artists.. here on DA it's nothing like it used to be.. I find it tiresome to have to go through pages after pages to get some inspiration.. dissapointing..
Finally my site is up.. Since I haven't learn htms nor css or java I had to sort of teach myself to create a site in code to expose my work without worrying about the financial part.. well there you have it, all done from scratch: KADY DESIGN
Since I have no clue of the javascript, css, html, php code, I started to build my own website in dreamweaver (which apparently makes it all easier NOT).. well I don't get how this program works so using code made a bit more sense... but when you are a newbie like me gosh it gets frustrating as I have to cover at least the basics in css, and html to move a block to the left or right, or to just align it to top from footer adding values etc.. To me this was my hell week and now I've moved to the gallery.. I want to use a jquery but it uses php which I have no idea how to implement in the code and I was planning to finish this by Sunday.. I saw the site of some artists and now the fasion is to use thumbnails gallery with a info slider, plus a black transparent background.. now how on earth am I going to do this since I found some lightbox jquery to download and free to use but this php of which I have no understanding what so ever it's in the way.. soon I will add the site link.. it's not great but considering the effort I put into it I think will be fantastic :D still trying to figure out the php thingy..
This is one of my favorite songs at the moment and I find it very inspirational to work on..…