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Alright Glimmer Fans! If you've been following my post the past year, I've periodically been posting updates on a graphic novel series, The Glimmer Society. I have plans to develop the series starting in the late fall, and part of that is getting fans to help support the production of the comic.

I've just signed up for Patreon, a great crowd funding site. So, if you've ever been interested in finding out more about the series, and want to support my work, here is a great way to help. I'm trying to keep the support request small, just $5 donations.

So, if you're a fan, please show your support and become a Glimmer Society secret member on Patreon!

Thanks everyone!


Hey guys,

I made the top 6 tshirt designs for this contest, now I just need to get in the top two in order to get my shirt printed.  Help me by giving a quick vote to the Klaus Shmidheiser design, thanks!!
Hey Guys,

If any of you Deviants are attending the Philly Wizard Con this weekend, come by and say hello.  I'll give you a free sticker, and if you pick up the first issue of Off-Grid, I'll throw in a free copy of the third issue of the Plaid Avenger!  Also I'll be doing inked sketches for just $10! Feel free to commission me for any of your favorite characters!

Hope to see you guys there.

Plaid Klaus
I've just released the first issue in a new comic book series:

The story revolves around a civil war that breaks out after the nations grid system is shut down for three weeks and the government mandates all civilians to report to the major city "habitation zones".  It explores the underground fight between the modern day high tech war machine and a small group of ex-military and anonymous members who call themselves, "The Resistance."  The novel also explores emerging technologies such as nano-bots and technology that is implantable into the human body.
Hey Guys,

selling some original 11"x17" art panels from Psychonauts for just $20.  Can't beat that price, best chance to own some original Plaid art!
Hey Fans!

I could use all the help I can get with this kickstarter project.  Our team is REALLY close to getting the funding we need to make a digital comic book App for a long time comic project "The Plaid Avenger"!  We have over $14k but we need to get to $20K in the next 4 days.  I'm putting up ORIGINAL art along with plenty of other awesome merch and signed comics for our loyal fans! Help out, again every bit helps, and I am grateful for all fans of my art I love you all!~…
100 limited print run!! I've already sold 5 through Twitter and Facebook.  Over 40 full color pages of character illustrations.  Order the first week for only $10.  After the first week, the price is going to its normal rate of $15.  Also, the first 20 people to order get an original random sketch from my sketchbook for free!…
Hey guys. I will be attending the New york comic con this year. Here are my commissions rates:

Original Character Ideas (in other words you can ask for a "Gorilla Cyborg Ninja")
11 x 17 Full body ink and markers $ 125
11 x 17 Bust ink and markers $ 75

Non Original Characters (Supers and other Sci-Fi Characters
Full body ink and markers $ 175
Bust ink and markers $ 125

I will be receiving the pre orders through my e-mail:
Make sure that include on the subject: Ohio commission or New York commission.
I've set my mind to becoming a New Yorker Cartoonist. I'm going to create 1-2 cartoons a day until I reach 100, then I'm going to cut out half of those and pick the best 50.  Them I'm going to submit them to the New Yorker at 10 cartoons a week for 5 weeks.  I'll be posting them all as I develop them.  For now, I finally hit two that I feel are a good start to my 100.  Here are links to those images!……
Hey Everyone,

I am creating a series of posters with characters of a super team, "Adolescent Mutant Karate Bugs".  The first of the series is printed and you can pick it up today at the link below!…

You can see a sample of the printed poster here:


Hope you guys enjoy!!
It's been a crazy fun couple of days, I went to see Duncan Trussell, Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan perform here in NY and then went to see UFC for the first time live about three rows from the octogon.  My wife, Kelley, had an all night music video shoot so I decided to stay up as well and finish up the launch of this new comic I've been working on.

My plan is to start by releasing a new strip every Monday/Weds for a while and maybe up the rate if I get into a good groove.  I have 7 comics in the bag, so I should be able to keep a consistent release for you guys.  Please head over and check out the site and leave comments on the comics if you enjoyed them!
Hey Fellow Artist,

I'm moving up to NY on Friday to live in Sunnyside in Queens.  I know there are more than a few other artist on Deviant art that live in the New York area.  If anyone knows of any good art groups, classes or clubs I'd love to hear about them.  Or if any other artist need someone to share studio space or just want to get together for a sketch session, I'd love to hear about it.

I'm looking to get super motivated up in the big city, and would love to hook up with any other artist who are interested!


Hey Guys,

I guess I jumped on the bandwagon and hooked up a facebook page.  I'd love it if any fans of my work could go over and "like" the page to show your support.  It's also another good social network to follow and comment. Thanks guys!…
Hey guys, I recently did a time captured video of me doing a digital paint over on a sketch for Dominance War, I just wanted to throw the link out there for anyone who wants to check it out! If you have any questions at all about a technique I used, or a tool that I used, just ask I'd be happy to tell you, or make a quick video of the tool!…
Some Libyan protestors in Egypt are using my caricature for their posters while protesting Gadhafi, pretty neat……
If you know anyone looking for illustrations I've now made it really easy to purchase art from me via an online store:

These rates are cheaper than my average rate because it is upfront pay and helps to get the ball rolling.  Please help out by passing it on to anyone you know who might want some illustrations!

I've been trying to consolidate all my online personas into ONE!  So if anyone was wondering who followed my other account why I changed, that is the reason.

I have these sites now:

so hopefully now its somewhat less confusing!