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Google Shell +Dark +3.2

I've been attracted to the new look of and all the web apps in their arsenal. So I figured it should make a pretty good looking gnome-shell theme. Hope you like it!

I included the switches from 0rAX0's Nord theme because they're just so easy on the eyes and I couldn't find any "switches" on google's apps.


Put the 'Google-Shell' folder inside ~/.themes and use a theme-selector extension to select it. OR, backup your /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme folder and replace everything inside it with this theme, press ALT+F2 and type 'rt' or 'r'

In case some of you don't like the orange in the message tray, here's a fix:

Replace lines 1214 & 1215 (1215 & 1216 for dark) with:

background-color: white;

in the gnome-shell.css file.

You also need \'Droid Sans\' or 'Open Sans' fonts.

*NEW* I've included a darker overview theme for darker tastes. Just backup the original files and overwrite with the dark files!

Preview of Dark Theme: [link]



V 1.1

-Changed Overview to a dark shade instead of light.

-Added texture to bottom panel, dash, workspaces, modals, and search results.

-Changed Workspace Switcher Arrows.

-Minor tweaks to padding and App-hover.

V 1.2 26Sep11

-New Preview Image!

-Fixed inconsistency with hover and select border on panel.

-Shrunk images to reduce package size.

-Open Sans added as alternative font.

-Fixed 'invisible time' in calendar popup.

-Changed App-Well font color.

V 1.3.2 28Sep11

-Extended Workspace and Modal background for larger resolutions and workspace switcher.

-Included Dark Theme and instructions.

V 1.3.3 28Sep11

-Changed Overview Close-Window image to represent 'Chrome' close-tab button.

V 1.4 02Oct11

-Fixed Overview and Search Results unreadable lettering.

-Now Compliant with gnome-shell 3.2. Yay!

V 1.5 15Oct11

-Really actually reworked to comply with gnome 3.2. No more freezing!

V 1.5.1 19Oct11

-Fixed Running App effect.
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Your theme has some problems in gnome 3.6: apps are not correctly displayed in the overview ([link]) and in the notification bar ([link])