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Three Divine Gifts
The Gods gave to me three gifts.
The first gift is the gift of despair.  When this black wave crashes down on me, I realize how insignificant I am in the entire scheme of the cosmic universe, which is but a small island of profanity in the divine ocean of anti-cosmic disintegration.  And thus I am reminded of how great the Gods are.
The second gift is the gift of overwhelming hatred.  As this red fog fills my mind, I am blessed with the divine will of the anti-cosmic and the unwavering resolve of dissolution that the Gods feel toward the profanation of the Demiurge and his arrogance.
The third gift is that of self loathing.  In this gift the Gods help me to stamp out the arrogance that polluted the will of the Demiurge and lead him to his profanation, so that I may remain pure in my hatred for the cosmic and in my loyalty to Them and Their will.  That my divine Black Flame may not be submerged in the illusion of the cosmic.  That It may grow brighter to jo
:iconplaguejester:PlagueJester 6 2
Entropic Star by PlagueJester Entropic Star :iconplaguejester:PlagueJester 4 17 Order (Minimalism) by PlagueJester Order (Minimalism) :iconplaguejester:PlagueJester 3 4
Death Worship
Trembling, I stood before The Figure clad in black.  The smell of dirt on Him filling my nostrils with a hateful magick, the cold radiating from Him burning the skin and the soul.  It was then that I knelt and called Him "Lord."  With thin emaciated fingers He bestowed upon me a mantle woven of the finest Misanthropy and commanded me to rise.  With a Voice unheard by the ears, He bid me to do His work.
:iconplaguejester:PlagueJester 3 8
Mature content
An Ode to Occupy :iconplaguejester:PlagueJester 4 40
Mature content
The Ritual :iconplaguejester:PlagueJester 6 26
My Adventure in the Swamps of the Internet
Today I decided to take a stroll in the very unfresh air.  I would trek through the wilderness of the internet.  I sometimes do this to hunt for rare species and beautiful peculiarities.  And one of my favorite haunts, for the rare beauties tend to be found there more often than some other places, is an intellectual swamp known as DeviantArt.
Ah yes, my favored hunting grounds.  This putrid swamp, while hideous on first glance, gives home to some beautiful flowers and rare and lovely insects.  So I wade through its stinking waters in search of these things.
Today, I saw sticking out from behind a tree a shelter.  I could immediately tell by its building materials of psuedo-intellectuality and self rightousness that it was one of the many homes of a local reptile known as a "moron."  But as I approached I saw that behind the tree lay much more!  The structure was massive!  And as soon as I realized
:iconplaguejester:PlagueJester 5 21
Apep Swallows the Sun -Color Blotch- by PlagueJester Apep Swallows the Sun -Color Blotch- :iconplaguejester:PlagueJester 12 10 Apep Swallows the Sun -Pen Scratch- by PlagueJester Apep Swallows the Sun -Pen Scratch- :iconplaguejester:PlagueJester 14 20
Sinister Mask
Though I plan to kill myself after writing this, this is not a suicide note.  Though I will confess to my horrible, and unwilling, participation in a horrible deed, this is not a confession.  I am writing this as a warning.  Should anyone ever attempt to follow in my footsteps, certain knowledges are forbidden for a reason.  Certain secrets aren't meant to be discovered.  Behind me waits the loving embrace of a noose, and though I yearn for the cold grip of a death at my own hands, I will try to take my time and make this all as clear as possible.
Several months ago I came into the acquaintance of a degenerate individual with an insatiable love for the macabre and wicked.  His name was Albert Marwick.  Albert was a dropout from the Miskatonic University in Arkham Massachusetts..  His disturbing theological theories and his macabre outlook on life caught my attention like a strobe light.  I was, un
:iconplaguejester:PlagueJester 13 26
My Desktop Backgound by PlagueJester My Desktop Backgound :iconplaguejester:PlagueJester 5 8 Cardassian PADD by PlagueJester Cardassian PADD :iconplaguejester:PlagueJester 2 0
The Idol
I once saw a man on the television who was so afraid of fruits that when presented with a bowl of them, he fled the stage, knocking over the host and several other guests.  Though I openly pitied the man for his obvious malady of the mind, inside, the small bit of sadism buried within all humans laughed at his bizarre affliction.  How can one not find cruel amusement in the cowering of a grown man who has been confronted by nothing more than a bowl of peaches?  But now I understand fear like no other.  I now no longer find amusement in the terror of others, no matter how illogical.
Now, let me tell you the story of why the sound of wind whistling through the trees in Autumn strikes me with a fear so immense that I can do little more than shake uncontrollably.
A good friend of mine, a young and upcoming anthropologist by the name of Henry Byrne, contacted me eight weeks ago.  Though he refused to go into details, he excitedly explained t
:iconplaguejester:PlagueJester 185 191
The Goblin's Cave by PlagueJester The Goblin's Cave :iconplaguejester:PlagueJester 3 30 My Toe Tag by PlagueJester My Toe Tag :iconplaguejester:PlagueJester 16 15 Another Test by PlagueJester Another Test :iconplaguejester:PlagueJester 15 19

Random Favourites

A Strange Letter Found
A much-folded and faded letter was found among the personal papers of Professor Howard Rice after his death in 1936. The contents, more than a little puzzling and troubling, are presented here unedited for your review.
June, 17th, 1908.
My Dear Friend Howard,
I am writing to you, from my room at the Kempler Arms, a run-down inn located in the God-forsaken port of Rockfish Harbor, North Carolina. I have just drank the contents of a bottle of brandy in the vain attempt to calm my nerves enough that I may commit the events of the last few days to paper before I collapse into much needed slumber.
I came here, as you may recall, to study the lasting enigma of the disappearance in 1587 of the English colony on Chapanoke Island. In my mind, it is a great mystery, more than worthy of ranking alongside the more commonly known tale of the Mary Celeste. As you may remember, she was an abandoned ship found off the coast of Portugal in 1872. None of the her crew or passengers were ever found
:iconnobodysson:NobodysSon 203 369
A Meeting, of Sorts
The camera-man walked towards him, the discordant tinkling of its tempered steel parts almost musical.
"What are you?" asked the man, his once brave voice reduced to nothing more than a harsh whisper. The camera-man's iris contracted in a curious fashion as it regarded him, its features so utterly alien that the man could only guess at its thoughts. Around him the world was at a standstill, as if time itself respected this creature so much as to freeze in its presence. Gone was the rhythmic ticking of the clock, gone was the insistent beep of the microwave, and gone was the shrill shriek of the kettle.  There was only him and the creature, the beast, alone together in this pocket out of time with only the silence to keep them company.
The man spoke again, his voice catching in his throat like so many fettered emotions.   
"What…what do you want?"
The camera-man's head slowly turned to the window, followed by the man's faltering gaze. In a flash the darkene
:icondelta-hexagon:Delta-Hexagon 24 86
The Knife Falls
The Knife Falls
There is a park somewhere, with swings and a slide. It is much the same as every other park. It is only differentiated by the children who play there, the toddlers that are pushed there in prams, the teenagers who try their first cigarettes there. Night descends, and from one point of view something is lost in the park. From another point of view, something in the park takes its place where it has always belonged.
A boy of about twelve is playing in the park. He is shuffling through the long grass at the borders, looking for interesting things. Recently, he has found several golf balls, magazines that his parents would not approve of and a dead hedgehog. The hedgehog had been used as a football, or possibly a golf ball to replace the ones lost in the long grass. The sky is the colour of peach-and-barley, and the boy is thinking of going home when he finds something Special in the long grass. He is too scared to pick it up, despite the way it glitters at him and m
:icondto-collective:dto-collective 105 94
The best of me
In case the product of universal wavefunction collapse
propagates through more than one reality, it's a comfort
to know many of my infinite alternates are off worse than I am.
However, what an inner struggle I would have if I felt
I had to live up to my full potential; to be the best possible outcome
of my infinite alternates.
:iconmartinsilvertant:MartinSilvertant 3 22
Misanthropy. by Zozanne Misanthropy. :iconzozanne:Zozanne 5 13
Mature content
Alone at Night :iconblizzardwolf1:blizzardwolf1 1,122 618
Black metal 02 by naraosga-stock Black metal 02 :iconnaraosga-stock:naraosga-stock 474 79
The End of An Age
All I could do was just sit there and let it all happen; waiting for the end to come, enjoying the silence that served as a perfect prelude to the destruction that was sure to follow. The calm before the storm one might say. A hell of a storm.  R’lyeh, that was where we’d found it, the beginning of all the madness; transcribed on ancient maps that led us to its location, down near the bottom of the earth and sealed away under the limitless ocean. What had started as a scientific expedition to an uncharted, lost city that had once spawned the tales of Atlantis soon became a frantic, desperate race for survival that culminated in the deaths of ninety-seven trained men. We should have never brought it to the surface, that horrible, ancient-beyond-belief figure that forced us to hoist it from the depths with cables and fishing nets; our biggest mistake. Now I stand on the blood-slick deck of the massive cargo ship, awaiting the impending end, watching the roiling waves
:iconookamishichiyou:ookamishichiyou 4 14
Black Seas Ahead
Black Seas Ahead
by JamesE82
October… a time of shifting, when Darkness stirred.
   Humanity had only an inkling of what it all meant.  Veils, realms, the Outside, what humans called the natural world… they did not know.  How could they, that short-lived species who thought splitting the atom was noteworthy, that setting foot on Luna was cause for celebration?
   It was not their fault, the being knew, and he did not begrudge them their ignorance.  In fact, he agreed with a particularly learned one of their sages, a man who spoke of a "placid island of ignorance" upon which mankind lived.  The man, a deceased author, had understood much more than others how deep were the "black seas of infinity," and his advice that his species should not "voyage far" was sound.
   But ignorance, the ancient creature knew, was protection only from insanity, and this being wanted more for the nearby hum
:iconjamese82:JamesE82 11 34
Shadows in the Flyleaf
Readers of this analysis into the events taking place in mid-October of last year are not expected to find the following passages within the realm of what they believe to be the "real world" around them. It is known full well to me that my report will likely be considered a work of fiction, and never see the light of an inspector's desk. For even I had held a firm stance of skepticism when first related the fanciful and terrifying tale. It was only because it was my good friend Brand that I did not write the entire event off as some youthful experiment into various pills and powders of recreation.
I shall now transcribe in its entirety, the accounts of that day as told by the victim himself. Recorded nearly a week after its occurrence, from within the silent and safe walls of his room in the state asylum, my good friend Brand speaks as if haunted by the ghost of that day ever second of his shattered, remaining life.
I know you think me mad Dan. They all do. Whether out of the twisted i
:iconangelzrfalling:AngelzRfalling 1 3
The Trouble with Secrets
Hamis stood slowly, stretching and working the kinks out of his back,
grimacing a grimace that stretched over all of his wide face.  His red hair
was plastered across his forehead with sweat, and his woolen shirt was
decorated with wide dark rings around his armpits and a much larger design
of sweat across his back.  The ground was tough, and the plow did not want
to cut into it.  The horses, thick muscled beasts whose fur was dark with
their own sweat, were trying as hard as they could, but to little avail.  
The dark clouds in the distance and the general overcast did bode well for
softening rain, however, and for that, Hamis thanked the gods.
"Hamis!  It's supper time, come inside!"
The burly Irishman glanced and waved toward his wife and began the work of
grooming and stabling the horses and putting away the plow.  Only half the
field done the whole day.  Well, tomorrow would be better with any luck.  H
:iconragothlham:ragothlham 1 1
The Sound Of Scratching
I do not expect to be believed now that I finally feel… comfortable… enough to tell my story. At the very least, the padded walls that surround me and this confining jacket I am forced to wear should dilute my credibility. But I assure you now, dear listener, that it is all truth. It was in the early years of the twentieth century when a perfect gentleman and good friend of mine, Alan Charlie Warden, had been to the excavations in the dead deserts of Egypt. He was commissioned by the teams there to help oversee the excavations, and make sure nothing was damaged. He oversaw everything in the valley for three months before an accident in a tomb cost him the use of his right leg. Needless to say, he was soon shipped back to England. Within a month of his accident he had been transported from Luxor to Portsmouth and from there he was driven to our small town of Weathermeade. My friend had been presented with one of the many finds from within the tombs; a gift for his outstanding
:iconthescarredsoul:TheScarredSoul 7 8
Today the Devil is representing himself...

Amidst this sea of purple and people pledging their support to stop bullying of gay people, one man makes a point that people argue shouldn't be made because it's considered insensitive or politically incorrect or whatever else you would want to call it. But this point needs making nonetheless.
Bullying is not just done to the young but the older too. Either everyone is special or no one is special. A gay boy who kills himself because he is getting picked on at school suddenly becomes the catalyst for a complete overhaul of how we should think and approach people. An alcoholic adult who lost his job and his wife, is abandoned by his family and called a degenerate because he can't get back on his feet and then kills himself when he reaches the bottom of the barrel is viewed as a coward and quickly forgotten.
Think about the message you're sending to everyone else who gets bullied and picked on and pushed to a point where they question the purpose of life and their
:iconcovenantfighter:covenantfighter 18 34
Forest Guardian: Draeque by WonderDookie Forest Guardian: Draeque :iconwonderdookie:WonderDookie 196 91 Deimos by WonderDookie Deimos :iconwonderdookie:WonderDookie 81 93 Corpse paint 2 by cutieloli Corpse paint 2 :iconcutieloli:cutieloli 10 6


Journal History

Dear Da,

I wrote tech support a while ago.  What I wrote was a parody of a bug report, but it did in fact express that I had a problem.  My problem is this, I use a different browser than the ones you advertise.  Because I use Opera, which is a fantastic browser that I loyally stand by, you put a banner over my messages obscuring them from view until I close this banner.  This banner appears every time I load a page on your website.  The banner tells me to "upgrade" my browser to a browser of your choice, which is a clear downgrade from the browser I'm currently using.  When I sent in my parody of a bug report, I was given a very curt "we will not fix this annoying advertisement that we're inconveniencing you with".

Well, Da.  You have lost.  And it's important to me that you know that you have been beaten.

If anyone that follows me is having this problem, here is the solution.

First, you start with AdBlockPlus.  I freaking swear by this program.  So Da can take its god awful ad campaigns and shove them right up its ass with its banner.  Once you have ABP, you go into preferences.  From there go to the "Add Your Own Filters" tab.  Add this filter:


I hope you lose sleep over this, Da.


United States
I don't know, just talk to me. I'll tell you.

Current Residence: Physically: Wisconsin, Mentally: Path to enlightenment, Emotionally: Deceased
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite style of art: Brutalism
Operating System: Vista (that I've warped to look like a Mac)
MP3 player of choice: iPhone 4s
Skin of choice: White
Personal Quote: "One nation, one people, one leader!"


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