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I had a thought awhile back about Link and what it would be like if he had all three triforces inside of him. I had seen the popularity of Oni-Link and I wanted to draw something with Oni-Link’s badass attitude, so I came up with this. It’s a rough draft of the Omni-Link form Link would take if he had a hold of all the triforces. I just through this one together rather quickly but if you guys want I could do a better picture next time around.

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Very cool.  I like how you borrowed elements from the Guardians that appear in the Silent Realm in Skyward Sword.  This makes Link appear mystical and very epic.  Awesome job!
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You're very welcome. :) (Smile) 
If that is what he would look like if he had all three pieces of the Triforce, then what would he look like as an Oni-Wolf Link with all three pieces of the Triforce?
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I don't know. maybe I'll draw it sometime. :)
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just when you think link cant get anymore badass, it just so happens he does
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now THAT is cool.....
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no problem the pic is really cool
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Thanks! Glad you like him. :)
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he'd be way stronger then original of himself!
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I would hope so.
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Heheheeehehehe! He says, "I sparkle =D" But don't let the sparkles fool you -shakes head- or he'll pwn you with his giant, smiting sword of doom.
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That sounds about right. :)
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hehe, BAD. ASS.
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Heh, thanks. What do you like about it the most, if you don't mind me asking.
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well... it's like theres alot of power in it, and the lighting makes it fantastic. plus all of the sand.. or whatever it is, debris i guess, makes him look like a true demigod. plus the way u make him look. An ancient, "im gunna save the world so much better than my past lives, im badass" look.
But mostly, his face. I cant explain it. its absolutely awesomeness. it tells me, "an ancient, unkown, undescribable power has reached the surface of our hero, he will save us, and protect us" sort of thing.
as u can tell, i like it alot... i give stuff more credit when my brain is working. yesterday, my brain fails me, though.

hes also like, "im angry and need a hug." XD EXCUSE TO HUGGLES:tighthug:
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Sorry for the late reply. Thank you very much for telling what you liked. I guess it goes to show ya that you can spend hours on some artwork and never get it right, but when inspiration and creativity hit ya, you can nail it in 5 minutes. Thanks again. :)
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welcome. XD *still huggling link*
Link: GET DA *insert bleep here* OFF, UR KILLING ME!!!!
Me: X3
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