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So I decided to do purgatory inner demons art and Rp but decided to use an amino for it so it is 😊 we need members and there are staff positions open.  This is a post apocalyptic setting and all species are welcome . All art you summit here must be your own or done for you . Charater cards are inns hared folder for you to use the color key is explained . Here is the URL…
I have a werewolf and horror based art amino that needs members ! Please join and help this community grow and be active 🎨🎭😊💕💕💕…
I am open for commissions and I also have two trade slots open.
Take advantage I hardly do trades these days .
Also support my work over on patreon for some cool extras I also have a sketch reward being offered to with custom options to a lucky supporter it's only $3
Your support is greatly appreciated 😊💙💜
Characters name: Cicero

Pack Applying to: Na"em

second pack choice:Howahkan

NAME: Cicero
Meaning: none
Alias: none

GENDER: female
AGE: Mature Adult 5 Years old



VOICE: Not overly feminine nor is it gruff its a happy medium mixed giving it a strange alluring sound.

MANERISMS: Her manners is the calm before the storm. She has a extremely bad temper,and can come off as cruel at times. Normally she is very punctual if she gives her word she's good to keep it and tries to never to be late for occasions. She also likes to collect interesting objects and trinkets.

BLOODLINE(S): 30% valley bloodline, 50% mist bloodline, 20% forest steppe bloodline

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: her build is slender, with medium length fur that a moderate thickness. her pelts is many variations of greys and whites helping her to blend in with the shadows and darker places of the forest. Her eye colour is blue giving her an eerie appearance. Body is nicely muscled from travelling from place to place always on the move. Cicero can also have a temper that she battles with often making her come off as cold and sometimes cruel.

PACK OR (GUILD): loner

1. Loyal
2. Independent
3. Easy to get along with

1. Extremely bad tempered
2. Outspoken
3. Withdrawn from society.

IN DEPTH: Cicero is considered easy to get along with. She is very capable of being nice when she chooses to be , she is however extremely leery of others and dose not trust easily or believe everything she hears or is told. A lot of times she comes off as cruel due to being extremely
honest and outspoken.

She doesn't sugar coat anything, sometimes the truth can be painful right? while she can be nice she also gets annoyed easily by stupidity or ignorance and thus fights with a bad temper that always wants to rear its ugly head. this makes her be snappy and sometimes be to blunt or just rage.

Due to her fluctuating of her personality she tends to be a loner since she can tolerate very few ... her past has made her strong, independent, cold and untrusting of others
she always expects disappointment and normally is never wrong in amusing such. she likes to also collect trinkets and anything that may catch her attention or interest
her favourite things are skulls and often known as a (bone collector) for her vast hoard of treasures.

She does get along extremely with pups or young individuals she finds them very inquisitive .


Cicero's early years was rough for a pup she hardly seen her parents being cared for by the packs den mother whom loved her as if she were her own. Her parents were taken by hunters before she was a year old by then she was close to being on her own. she was a trusting naive individual that seen no bad ..... this lead her to be used ... mistreated... and eventually found herself outcast, as her temperament became more jaded. she found herself not really fitting into any groups or packs ... due to this she tends to be a loner joying in her own company except for the few she dubs as close friends.. though not mated she longs to find love if the spirit wills it.

Her jaded temperament makes her moody, edgy,and hard for her to trust
others this also goes for her outspoken attitude. cicero's path has been chaos most of her life... individuals coming and going... the pointless fights she had to fight, all the rage, bad experiences. This has left her a tainted tortured soul ...not much is really known about her story she finds this to be better for all in the end …


MATE: None


TIME ZONE: eastern
(it will come up as pladywolf martin)
Christmas commissions are open I'd order in advance because I'll probably have a small down time soon due to oral surgery. I can do pet portraits, characters anything desired. Descriptions and references are required  though I'm willing to do artists choice orders if buyer prefers. I have originals that are for sale to and need homes  of your interested  in box me  your inquiries. Artwork makes great gifts!
I'm taking art requests
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my page and my group its all a wip lol i'm still learning how to do stuff on here and reading guides and such . my next thing will be to learn to make my profile pretty and then my group O.O that may take awhile since coding isn't really my thing ....but we will get it  i have faith O_o... ~foams rabidly~