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PlaceboPrune's HeartGold Nuzlocke p13 by PlaceboPrune PlaceboPrune's HeartGold Nuzlocke p13 by PlaceboPrune

Behold the Chapter 2 frontpage :D

Here I explain my Nuzlocke Rules which are all in all the Standard ones, except for rule #6, which I would really like to explain with Kanto examples:

1. You go into Celadon City and get the Eevee that is given to you on the top of one building. Acceptable I am a dummy! 
2. You go into the Casino of Celadon City and gamble until you have enough points to get the Abra. Acceptable I am a dummy! 
3. You gamble to get any other Pokémon. Unacceptable No, I disagree! You got another Pokémon in this area in a similar method.
4. You use the Old Rod to fish out a Magikarp in the pond that's behind a house in the center of Celadon City. Acceptable I am a dummy! since you literally haven't caught a Pokémon in the area.
5. You battle the Fighting GYM at Saffron City and as a reward, the leader gives you a Hitmonchan. Acceptable I am a dummy! 
6. Later in the game, a scientist gives you a Lapras in the Silph Co. building. Acceptable I am a dummy! This area is independent from the Saffron GYM.
7. In Johto games, at some point in the game you receive an egg and, say, it hatches in route 39. Acceptable I am a dummy! It was a gift.
8. Can you catch, then, the first Pokémon encounter in route 39? Acceptable I am a dummy! The gift and the area are independent to each other. 

Feel free to ask any questions regarding my rules. I promise not to cheat :D

Zassa2 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Those Seedots are adorably derpy.
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