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Inner Demon

By PlaceboFX
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Everyone is so blind,
To the truth that they're ugly inside.
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Now I'm no expert in matters psychological
And my attitude might be termed pedantical
But the in and the out
Which are often in doubt
Are separated by a gap almost infinitesimal
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awesome, i can never get to this standard :D
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This is beyond cool!
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nice body art looks pretty sick! ;)
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this is fantasic !!

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You're gonna get this a lot, but you look like a Titan. :3
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OMG. I truly fell in love with your art.. :O
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dude this is awesome! :)
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somehow this makeup reminds me of attack on gabe... I MEAN TITAN! titan...
great art. hats off.Woohooooo! 
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Can you imagine if someone did this for halloween and when they were asked who they where they responded "I'm you"
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It's so ugly that it's beautiful.
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Ugly is a matter of perspective, I suppose. :)

Not bad- I like the additional consistency with the iris coloring.
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Oh my gosh, is what kind of contact(s) is that? o: Its gorgeous!
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I don't agree with your quote, but excellent job on the face paint.
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And I'm inside and out
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