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Horror and Macabre Photography FX FAQ and guide
So, ever fancied trying out you skills on the horror and macabre side of things? I started out horror and macabre photography with a crumby camera and mostly improvised props. I'm a skint student, after all.
After receiving many questions about my horror and macabre blood effects, I put together a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) journal to help people out and also let people know how a lot of my work is done- whether it is for curiosity, or if people want to have a go themselves. This news article is meant to be a reference to the methods used in my work and the work of others, as well as useful tips and a glossary for some of the items used.
Kit List
My horror work uses an extensive kit list of props and ingredients. Not all of it is used at the same time, but some people may not be familiar with them all. Here is a basic glossary of some things I have used (with examples), so you can find them yourself.
:bulletblue: Magic Tape- This is like any other sticky tape, but i
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“My lady?”
I opened my eyes and immediately shut them again, blinded by sunlight through leaves.  I groaned and rubbed the back of my head, which seemed to be pillowed on something velvet.
“She lives!” the voice called.
Slowly, the realization of what I had seen and felt seeped through to my sleepy mind.  Leaves?  Velvet?  I suddenly noticed that I seemed to be wearing a corset.
“Where am I?” I muttered, slitting my eyes open.
The silhouette of a head came into view.  As my eyes adjusted to the light, I realized that it belonged to a man with curly brown hair.
“On the high road about half a day’s journey from the capital, my lady.  You seem to have taken a nasty fall from your horse.”
Horse? I tried to sit up, but the man gently pushed my shoulder back down.  I could feel a root digging into my ribs.
“You should probably not sit up just yet, my lady.”
“No, I
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Ayo, we're gonna do a little update here. Some of you may have noticed how dead all my makeup pages are, and this is for a very simple reason. I haven't done makeup in months. And this is for a much more complicated reason. I've developed a chronic illness known as Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, often shortened to POTS. The symptoms range, but my primary issues are severe presyncope upon standing (have collapsed once, but didn't completely faint), chronic fatigue, and tachycardia. For instance, I'm just sitting here, and my heart is at about 130 BPM. I was an athlete before this went downhill a few months ago, my resting heart rate should be less than half that. Upon standing it can spike up to 200 BPM for several minutes.
So that's where my life is at the moment. I've had these symptoms for many years, but have taken an extreme nosedive in the past 4-6 months, with no real clear reason why. I'm seeing a cardiologist that, to be honest, I don't have too much faith in, so I may try to get in to see one of the two specialists in LA soon. He prescribed me Zoloft, not for psychiatric reasons, but because antidepressants have shown to help some POTS symptoms. Been on it for 3 weeks, and there's been no change. The only other thing I can really do right now is eat huge amounts of sodium and drink tons of fluids everyday, which doesn't seem to help.
Days vary, I can have good days where I managed to even workout, though I haven't had one of those days in about two months. I've been feeling pretty consistently crappy every day, and barely manage basic tasks.

So uhh, yeah, that was a pretty mopey update. Look, I know things could be sooo much worse, and I'm grateful they're not. I'm grateful my condition isn't as severe as some other people I see that are having to go to the ER from bad POTS flares. But still, some days it's extremely discouraging.
Just wanted to let you guys know what's been going on. Will hopefully get this nonsense under control in the near future, and will be back to creating.


Time to face your nightmares.
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United States
Welcome to Placebo FX Makeup - Horror, gore, and character special effects cinema makeup work, with an underpinning dedication to service.

Placebo FX Makeup is run by and consists solely of myself, Steph Koza.
I've been in the field for nearly six years now, and continue to love every minute of it.
With a specialty in horror and gore, I have done work in everything from aliens to fairies.
I've enjoyed doing custom makeup work for movies ranging from indie to full budget, and ranging from basic wounds to full non-human characters.
I also have a passion for scaring people half to death. As a result, I've been working in haunted houses as an actress since I was about quite young and have more recently been doing makeup for one of the top haunted houses in the state.

Now, I hope you enjoy taking a look through the various pieces of my work that are available in the photo galleries above. This is my passion, and I enjoy allowing people to take a walk through my, admittedly somewhat strange, mind.

I currently reside in a suburb of Los Angeles, CA, and actively commute to sites all over the LA basin and beyond.


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FinDaSlaya Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018
Your makeup has left me absolutely speechless, it truly does look real!!!
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I'm really touched by the intelligence that lives inside your head! You are amazing! Keep it up!
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Awesome amazing work!
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You have amazing artistic talent... Very impressive.... keep it up..
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have you walked out in public wearing this stuff ? may get a laugh on youtube. 
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What an incredible gallery you have!
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Your work is disturbingly (in a good way) realistic. 
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Wow! you're a Master on special effects! 
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Wow your special effects are amazing!
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Permission to give Dollface real doll eyes.
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