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Part of the prize for RandomArtHQ for winning first place in the Trust Contest 2020

They requested a sort of alternate timeline for the A Little More Trust AU, in which viri!Colfax and viri!Adrian were kidnapped by some very bad humans and went through absolutely terrible things in their captivity:
"If Sawyer and Charlie get to Bryan and Felicia's house [sooner] so Colfax gets to help Sawyer get his revenge (kinda like the scene in 'There's no place like home' where tiny Dean cuts Bobby's cheek after Jacob beats him up)" 
(Note: the scene in question is from the Brothers Lost AU created by myself and nightmares06 )

The Trust Multiverse is owned by myself and LaEscritora 
Colfax and Adrian are mine
Bryan, Sawyer, and Charlie belong to LaEscritora and she was consulted multiple times in the creation of this story.
© 2020 - 2021 PL1
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How do you keep up with everything?! I think I've fainted. 
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I just like writing idk man
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OHMYGOD you actually wrote it! Now I don't even know where to start; first off, I really should've been prepared for Bryan to do something sinister like breaking Colfax's arm if he refused to hold Adrian down Waaaah! (I'm so sorry, buddy...) But holy crap that revenge scene is one of the most satisfying things I've ever read! I love how smug he was when he approached Bryan with the needle, Colfax always delivers the stubbornness when it's needed most ;P (also the way he moved to try and protect Adrian in the middle was so pure, not to mention when Adrian got over his touch aversion to help out his friend Heart) This is just so satisfying, but I'm still glad the original story panned out the way it did in a way; poor Colfax was already broken enough without adding his arm to the mix... I'm just happy the viri are safe! Hug 

(Thank you so much for this, your writing is amazing as always ^_^ )
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Oh, yeah ... I had to come up with a reason for them to arrive before the drugging happened, and so a just-in-time rescue scenario seemed best. But poor Colfax ^^;  He at least was present of mind enough to have his revenge, even knowing how it wouldn't actually fix anything. I'm so glad you approve of it! I made sure to have Jessie look over the characterization for her boys so it would be an accurate look at this what if you came up with.