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The night after a hunt was always the toughest part to adjust to. The bone-deep exhaustion clung after finding the latest monster and killing it before it could hurt anyone else. Jacob was glad Sam always convinced Dean to let him stay in the motel room for a night after the fact.

He was new to this. He had a lot to learn, but after reuniting the four-inch-tall Sam Winchester with his brother, Jacob’s eyes were open to the job. They could help people. He could help people.

Like he’d helped Dean get his little brother back after years not knowing he was even alive.

Jacob settled in for the night after a still-terse but friendly acknowledgement of Good work from Dean. The guy was leery of him for accidentally hurting Sam, but they’d come a long way. The bruise on Jacob’s eye had healed up already.

He didn’t have much time to reflect on the hunt before he rolled over with a sigh and dropped off to sleep.


Waking up after a hunt was tough, but at least Jacob’s aches had already disappeared. He breathed in a sigh and shifted in bed, only to find that he’d managed to tangle his legs in the blankets.

What the hell?

He sat up squinting and reached out to tug the fabric cocoon off, only for his hands to jolt back. As he blinked himself awake, Jacob found himself definitely not in the same place he’d fallen asleep.

There was only one bed, shoved into the corner, and thin, plain blankets had replaced the patterned motel ones. He glanced around and found what could almost be a laundry bag near the bed, next to a pair of leather boots that didn’t look like his. As he observed more of the room, he found that it had no lighting in it whatsoever.

The only lighting came from …

“Oh, no way,” he muttered. The opposite wall wasn’t really a wall. Jacob stared hard at it and the shape of a book, tall enough to flatten a truck, was all he saw there. Monolithic books stacked at the other end of the room and left only one opening out.

There was a dixie cup near that opening that came up to his torso.

“Fuuuckdammit,” he murmured. This was the weirdest dream he’d ever goddamn had.

The voice that came out wasn’t his own and he frowned. Jacob looked down at himself incredulously, staring at his hands. They should be familiar, but they weren’t. His chest was covered by a simple grey t-shirt instead of the hoodie he remembered. His body was leaner than he remembered.

“What?!” he tested the strange voice out again.

So familiar, and yet not. It sounded like … but couldn’t be.

A rumble in the entire structure around him jolted him out of his confusion and straight into worry. He glanced around with wide eyes as the wooden walls shook like there was an earthquake. A loud, ominous thump outside drew his gaze back to those impossibly-large books.

An enormous and strangely-familiar hand curled around one of them and yanked it away. Jacob was frozen in his spot as that giant hand planted on a floor made of carpet fibers thick enough to trip him, and lowered a huge body down towards the opening it left behind.

A second later, his own face lowered into view.

“Fuckdammit!” He flinched back and bumped against the nearby wall of what he now knew was the nightstand. A strange sensation like a physical weight settled on the back of his neck as his own eyes focused on him.

“What. The. Hell?” whispered out in his own voice, amplified almost beyond recognition. Jacob could only stare as he watched his own features, as familiar as a mirror, contort in confusion that he didn’t recognize. Someone else was at the reins, and suddenly he had an inkling of who.

“S-Sam?” he called out. Sam’s voice, louder than he remembered it, was what came out of his chest.

“Jacob?” The would-be Sam’s brow furrowed in confusion. They fell into an awkward staring contest, and Jacob noticed more and more how big everything was.

This was how giant he was to Sam. Every breath was a gale, and what he could see of his own body looked impossibly heavy to hold up. The details of his own face were more obvious than ever.

The ground rumbled as Sam shifted around where he crouched. Jacob glanced down, and when he looked up a hand was approaching. A giant, unstoppable hand, with fingers the size of his body or bigger. They twitched cautiously as they closed the distance, as if Sam wasn’t sure what his plan was.

Jacob tensed up when the hand reached him. Still sitting on the doll’s bed, he had nowhere to dive out of the way. Huge fingers hemmed him in on either side and closed in like a net. He threw his arms out and braced his hands against the knuckles as the hand formed a loose fist around him and the blanket still tangled around his legs.

The sensation of lifting up in someone’s grasp settled over him and he clung to the thumb in front of him. There was a sense of weightlessness, of helplessness, that he didn’t recall ever feeling at this magnitude before.

Sam lifted him out of the nightstand and sat back, staring in awe. “This is … what the hell,” he breathed, still in Jacob’s own voice. His hand turned to open, and Jacob fell on his side briefly before he could sit up.

Jacob scanned his face while Sam stared back, until the other giant hand suddenly appeared in his line of vision. He flinched, and Sam extended a finger to nudge at his shoulder. “How did this happen?”

“Dude, you’re the better person to ask than I am,” Jacob shot back with exasperation. He put a hand on the intruding fingertip and stared ruefully at it. “I’m new to hunting.”

Sam’s eyebrows raised. “You think I’m already an expert? It’s only been a few weeks!”

“Okay,” Jacob sighed, shaking his head. He could hardly tear his eyes away from the looming face above him.

“... Do you think we can fix it?”

Sam paused, and they stared at each other for a long moment. Then, before Jacob could prepare himself, the curled fingers at his back arched over him even more. He sucked in a gasp as the hand moved, and then everything seemed to move around him. He braced a hand against his own wide palm as Sam stood up.

Jacob army-crawled to the opening of the fist coiled loosely around him. He emerged and clung to the nearest knuckle, in time to see Sam leaning over to put his other hand on Dean’s shoulder.

Dean Winchester, who had punched Jacob right in the eye the first time they met, had never been a heavy sleeper. He kept to a hunter’s sleep, ready to leap to action in a moment’s notice. Jacob was tempted to duck back out of sight as the man jolted up and Sam took a step back to give him space.

“Dean, we-” Sam began, but Dean shot a tired glare up at him.

“Jacob, what the hell?” he groused. He planted his hands on the edge of the bed, ready to push himself to a stand, and then he froze. Jacob clenched his jaw as that strange, burning sensation lanced up the back of his neck as soon as Dean found him held in Sam’s hand.

Which, to Dean, looked like Sam was in Jacob’s hand. Fuckdammit.

Dean was on his feet in a flash. Jacob looked up in shock, noting the icy look in those eyes. It was meant for him, but wasn’t aimed his way. It was aimed at his face, and Sam was so startled by the reaction that even he stepped back. His hand drew closer to his chest, and Jacob opened his mouth to try to head Dean off.

His voice cut off and retreated when Dean thrust out a hand towards them, waggling his fingers in a terse gimme motion. His shoulders bristled, and Jacob recognized from a small scale the same attitude that Dean had taken with him in their earliest hunts together.

Sam had been the only reason Dean even let him keep coming around. Now, they were both too shell-shocked to point out their strange swap.

“Jacob,” Dean warned, and Jacob shrank back from him. Even as the glare fixed on the face above, he couldn’t help but notice a whole new perspective of that stern look.

“But Dean-” Sam began, in Jacob’s voice instead. There was a pleading there, a hopefulness in his eyes. He wanted Dean to recognize him, but he didn’t.

“It’s, uh, it’s okay,” Jacob interrupted, patting the hand around him awkwardly. “Just hand me over and then we can explain.”

Sam glanced down and Jacob almost tuned out of the world as more disorientation struck him. He was pretending to be Sam and it was working, but only because his own freaking body was under Sam’s control instead.

This is too weird.

Sam handed him over, opening his fingers and letting Jacob slide onto Dean’s expectant palm. Jacob suppressed a shudder and focused instead on the calluses and scars under his crouched position. Dean’s hands had seen a lot of years of hunting and working on the Impala. Jacob hadn’t expected a chance to see the results of that from so close.

The world lurched and he nearly fell over as Dean lifted him to eye level. Jacob stared at a pair of stern eyes and distractedly noted their murky shade of green now that they were so close and so huge. Dean scanned him over critically and one fingertip curled inward to nudge at his shoulder. That strange sensation flared up Jacob’s neck again, but something in him told him it wasn’t something to worry about.

“Sammy?” Dean asked, his brow furrowing. Jacob took a steeling breath. That intent look was like a physical weight. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m fine, Dean,” Jacob answered haltingly. He felt strange using Sam’s voice to talk Dean down. Even as he realized he was the only one who could until they fully explained themselves. A grain of suspicion in Dean’s expression gave away that he already knew something was off.

“Dean, uh. I’m not … I’m actually Jacob. That’s Sam … somehow, and we don’t really know how we switched. I just woke up and everything was big--”

“I just woke up and everything is … weird and small,” Sam interjected. “Dean, tell me you know how to fix this.”

Dean glanced between the two of them, and from up close Jacob could see the small details on his face as he mulled it over. It was easier to read Dean with his face matching the size of a billboard.

Sam’s skill in figuring him out suddenly made way more sense.

Dean’s decision came after what felt like an age. “I need coffee.”

A pause. Then Sam raised his eyebrows. “Huh?”

“Coffee,” Dean insisted, running his free hand over his face. “Then we can figure out how you two are pulling a Freaky Friday.”


It didn’t take long for Dean to believe Sam and Jacob’s story. He tested them by telling Jacob to get the coffee started. That deer-in-headlights look was definitely Sam, to the core. He had no idea how to work the machine.

Dean was still reluctant to put Jacob down, though. He needed to be careful with his little brother’s body at all times, even while Sam, in Jacob’s body, stumbled around the furniture and instinctively stuck near the wall. Coffee was a good choice. This could make anyone’s head hurt.

Dean made the coffee himself, with Jacob-Sam still held on one hand. There was an awkward, tense silence over the room, but the more he observed Jacob’s face and posture, the more he saw his little brother. He was sure if he paid more attention to Jacob-Sam on his hand, he’d see the teen’s mannerisms there, too.

When the coffee was done, he held out a cup to Sam, and Sam only stared at it. After a pause, Dean sighed and set the cup aside. Placing a hand on Sam’s (Jacob’s) shoulder, he met his gaze. “Sammy,” he said. “We’re gonna figure it out. This is probably something from that witch we killed last night.”

Sam searched his face, with Jacob’s eyes, and then took a slow, uncertain breath. “Right. Yeah.”

Dean smirked, and then pulled his brother into a hug. He made sure to keep the hand with the equally-shocked Jacob safe from the embrace, but he couldn’t resist the chance. Sam was almost the size he should be, and if they fixed it, Dean wouldn’t get to actually hug the little guy like this again.

“It’s okay, Sammy.”
This is a prize for TorchMLP ! They won my Oscar Halloween Contest an age ago and requested a body swap story with Jacob and Sam, set in the Brothers Found AU (created by myself and the wonderful nightmares06 ).

This one is set not long after the first installment of that AU (and well before Jacob in Wonderland ... for reasons). Shenanigans are unavoidable with a body swap and these poor dorks have a lot to navigate here. And of course, I had to end it off on the cheesiest note possible. ;P
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Oh I love this one so much! Protective big brother Dean asking Sam-Jacob to hand the tiny guy over was perfect :)