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8/30/16 Update: Marked The Road Not Taken complete and added Brothers Adopted to nightmares06's section

5/16/16 Update: Marked some stories complete; Added A Little Bit of Magic and A Little Bit of Catnip in the LaEscritora section (Trust AUs); Added The Road Not Taken in nightmares06's section

1/6/16 Update: Added A Lich of Sense (A story featuring Bowman Leafwing, for any Bowman fans)

11/29/15 Update: Added Hershey Kisses and Salt Lines (sorry it's late!) and opened a section for collaborations with nightmares06

Hello, readers! I've been meaning to put this together for ages and I have finally conquered time and laziness to do it. I have a number of stories posted here on my own DeviantArt page, of which I am very proud. However, in case there are some of you who don't realize, I wanted to point you to some other writing works that are not posted on this account. They are collaborative stories written with some wonderful talent, and I'd hate for anyone to miss out on it! And, of course, I'm proud of what I've worked on and want to share it.

So, without further ado, here is the official masterpost of the works I have written with other writers! I will update it with announcements as new chapters are posted.

A Little Bit of Trust

Status: Complete

A Little Bit of Trust, co-written with LaEscritora, is a slice-of-life style story with a little bit of an extra twist. It begins when Adrian, a somewhat timid unsuspecting human and recent college graduate putting his life together, meets Charlie the viri, a five inch tall person who's just trying to get by. Unfortunately Charlie is injured and scared, and it doesn't help that Adrian is quite huge compared to him! In contrast to the sweethearts that are Adrian and Charlie, we see Colfax, a tall, antisocial human, butting heads with Sawyer, a very brash and outspoken viri.  The unlikely squad of people, two humans and two viri, all have quite a bit to learn. Read to find out what they do with their very unusual scenario.

A Little More Trust

Status: Complete

Also written with LaEscritora, this story sees the return of the beloved four characters from ALBoT. But this time there's a twist! The species are swapped. This time, Charlie and Sawyer are humans and Adrian and Colfax are viri. It begins with Sawyer happening upon a very surprised Colfax and, in his curiosity, catching the little guy. Of course, they butt heads at first (Colfax tends to not get along right away with anybody), but they come to an understanding. On the flipside, Charlie and Adrian couldn't have had a more civil first meeting, no matter how surprised they were. This story includes lots of quality G/t fluff as well as plenty of G/t angst (so you've been warned!), and we're just as proud of this one as the first. Read the story here. Keep in mind that this is an AU, and not a sequel, so you don't need to read the two stories in any order.

A Little Bit of Magic

Status: In Progress

Back at it again with the Trust crew! LaEscritora and I will not be stopped with this crew. This time, in addition to sizes being swapped, there's an extra bit of flair to this one. Now, the setting is high fantasy, with fairies and wizards and a certain prince (do we need to guess who he is at this point?). Colfax the wizard must befriend Sawyer the dustdevil and Charlie the Leprechaun, seeing as it looks like he's their newest housemate. So long as they don't leave their friend Adrian out of all the fun! Read here

A Little Bit of Catnip

Status: Complete

This began as an adorable crack AU that grew into something bigger, enough to be a whole story. We really should have known better. In it, Colfax is small and viri sized, and is a cat. Little ears and tail and all the Colfax snark you could hope for, combined with cat mannerisms. Sawyer quickly learned that he just can't even. Read this ridiculous story here.

Myth Meets Myth

Status: Complete

Written with Kimstaticchild, this story follows species created by herself and I. Kim's shapeshifters make an appearance while my "Shadow Bat" plays opposite them (while Asp calls himself a shadow bat, readers of my Bowman of Wellwood, previously Seeing Eye to Eye will be interested to know that he is actually a shadow sprite, and is drawn from the lore of that story). Both are considered to be urban myths until they run into each other, and then run into an unsuspecting human, Wesley. Read here.


Status: In Progress

This story is written with Obsess Confess, and is quite the epic story. I have to use the description she wrote for it because it's just too darn good: Diplomat to outlaw in the blink of an eye. Elise emerges onto a planet of giants and is immediately accused of a crime she didn't commit. Jared, one of the massive locals, comes to her aid. Together, they embark on a seemingly impossible quest to clear her name and get her back to Earth. An invigorating sci-fi twist on Gulliver's Travels. Read this story starting here.

Hershey Kisses and Salt Lines

Status: Complete

Hershey Kisses and Salt Lines, co-written with nightmares06, is a Supernatural fanfiction set in the AU of her creation, Brothers Together. In it, Sam Winchester was struck by a curse when he was only 10 years old, leaving him a fraction of his normal size. Dean finds him (in contrast to her main story AU, Brothers Apart), and the brothers have to get used to Sam's new size. That's where my character, Oscar, comes in (Originally debuted in my story Pizza and Hexbags), ready to teach Sam all about how to live and survive at such a tiny size. You can read this story here.

A Lich of Sense

Status: Complete

A Lich of Sense is a crossover fanfiction with nightmares06, between the Supernatural AU of her creation, Brothers Apart, and my original work, Fairy Tales. In it, Bowman Leafwing meets her take on the Winchester brothers and has ... a bit of a bumpy start with them. But there is a threat to Wellwood that will require them to set aside their differences to figure out just what is going on. For another glimpse of Wellwood and a few tidbits that didn't even make it into the Bowman of Wellwood story, get started here.

Brothers Lost: The Road Not Taken

Status: Complete

Fairy Tales meets Supernatural again in this crossover AU with nightmares06. This time, the AU is Brothers Lost, and the entire AU is a collaboration!

Saving people. Hunting things.

It was what they were supposed to do. Who they were supposed to be. Instead, that life was stolen from them by a witch and a curse in childhood, stripped away and replaced by one goal:


The Winchester brothers will get their second chance in Brothers Lost, and none other than my very own Jacob Andris will be the one to bring it to them (he was feeling left out after all the fun in Lich). It is an AU version of Jacob that hasn't met Bowman Leafwing ... yet. Read it here.

Brothers Found: Chasing Family

Status: Complete

Another collaborative Supernatural AU with nightmares06. This one is a take on Brothers Apart that asks "What if Jacob Andris and not Dean Winchester had found Sam hiding in the motel?"
Follow the AU here.

Brothers Adopted: Family Ties

Status: In Progress

A familiar drill here, folks. Another AU with nigthmares06 (we can't quit them, really). This one has my Jacob Andris as a tiny instead! He's been taken in by Sam Winchester, another shrinking victim.
The AU is found here.

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I'm glad I'm not missing any of your other RPs. ;D I'm so invested in both of them too.