I got Nikon D5000!!!

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I finally bought a DSLR and it's the Nikon d5000 with 18-55mm VR lens!!
I'm really excited!! :boogie: :dance:!!

These are my first steps in photography and will try to learn all the staff about photography and try to do my best! As i am a beginner ,i will upload many photos so you can give me advices, and show me my mistakes to become better photographer!

Thanks for the support!


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congrats..buddy!!! keep explore but with fun lol
I remember my first DSLR...nikon d40x.
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thank you! :) i'm really excited :excited:
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Congrat & i think you will take great pictures with your new camera :)
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congrats re!
looking forward to your photos! :)
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Euxaristw re! Twra etoimazw liges!
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Congrats on the new toy! :camera:
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Thank you very much! :D I wish i take photos like you someday! :D
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You`ll have plenty of enthusiasm to get you going with that new cam :eager: :camera:
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oh yes i will! :D :excited:
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Gosh and congrats. You are so lucky. I'm looking to buy a DSLR. So please keep posting photos. I'm not sure what to buy for my first DSLR. (:
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Thank you very much ! Save money and go for the best!
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