Eeveelution eclipse characters


Eeveelution eclipse characters if i could redesign them


Cant redesign them now bc its too far into the comic!!!!!!!!!

made siblings look more like siblings by having similar patterns (should be obvious)

andrew and ari no longer shiny and eevee is the only shiny just because

jakes scarf is RED and simplified his rings ?? Forrest looks cooler now hahah

charmander has freckles ,,, finn not muddy anymore ,,, emerald is more ourple kinda

star i couldve simplified but i DIDNT except the ribbons. Imagine drawing star's design a billion times bc comic..... wow

honestly i couldve simplifed all their designs so itd be easy to draw comic but I DIDNT bc the redesigns are NON CANON THEYRE JUST FOR HYPOTHETICAL ..

plus i guess i dont mind drawing their designs a bunch of times .... even tho its painfully long to do ig i got used to it sob

i still have nitpicks of them tho lol

enjoy this post while it lasts i be busy

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Look, if you want to change things just gaslight your audience with retcons