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I've been contemplating removing the HP bars during battles in the comic. Reason being that I feel it takes away from the cinematic feel I want to go for, and from a meta sense, it helps me create the sequences faster since I don't have to worry about calculating HP loss or EXP gain.

Thinking about it, I think I will get rid of them and see what happens. It won't hurt to try it out. I'm not going back to edit out the HP bars in the first 13 chapters, though. Let that just be a case of "Early Installment Weirdness." I'll still be keeping things like critical hits and weakness/resistance exploitations since you can, in-universe, logically talk about those things.

(Heck, I can even give a justification for the removal of HP bars in-universe by saying Curtis doesn't look at his Pokedex anymore when he fights. I like to imagine the Pokedex puts everything in a format in the style the video games use.)
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And extremely tired, too. I had a busy past 6 hours, but it's basically over now. I'm gonna relax, but it's good to finally be back at my computer.
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Hello, everyone! My goodness! It's been a few months since I made a journal entry! How's your Summer going? Hopefully, it's nice and relaxing. I just wanted to make a quick update notifying that I'm going back and fixing up the comic some. My watchers will already be aware since I've notified them of the updates. Basically, the dialogue in the early chapters have had a huge overhaul to make sure characterizations are consistent. From Chapter 7 onward, it's just a few words here and there to keep everything in line. Also, Luke has a new color palette that I have to update. That's a lot of panels... but I do it for the sake of the art! Anyways, just wanted to let you guys know. Thanks for tuning in and have a nice day.
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It's been four years now since I first joined this site. I've had a lot of laughs, seen a lot of lovely artwork, got to celebrate my birthday, and got to share interests with all of my watchers. I can't thank you enough for wanting to see what I put out, and I'll do my best to keep producing more for you guys because you deserve it. Thanks for tuning in and have a great day.
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Hello, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Valentines Day! Mine sure started off strange, but it was a good one overall. If you found the love of your life, congratulations! If not, hey, this is just one day in a lifetime. Thanks for tuning in and have a lovely day!
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(I don't know if it's too late or not, to be honest.)

Welcome to the new year, everyone! I hope you're all ready for it because I am! Maybe not, actually. I wanted to make this cool picture, but I got sick, and when I recovered, I was busy for the new few weeks. It was something, to say the least. However, I do plan to finish that. Until then, thanks for tuning in and enjoy the new year!
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  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts: Union X/ Fire Emblem: Heroes's currently airing on Disney XD. I'm pretty sure as of this post, it's already aired, but it is airing again tomorrow. If you're interested in the movie, I highly suggest watching it tomorrow. Just thought I'd let you know. Have a nice day!
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I'm late. I know, but I hope you all had fun stuffing your faces and hanging out with your family!
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...and I loved it! The art was amazingly colorful. The characters, while expies to an extent, have decent, fleshed-out personalities. The plot was engaging. Don't even get me started on the climax. That was one of the most insane and darkest moments in all of Pokemon I have ever seen. I'd talk about it, but I don't want to give away spoilers (unless you're okay with it because there is so much I want to talk about). I'd probably give it a rating of 8/10. It's definitely one of Pokemon's better movies (at least, of those I saw).

Man, I haven't been to the movies in a long time. I had a lot of fun handling obscene amounts of popcorn and soda, making comments with my family about the movie (e.g. Super Saiyan Marshadow), and just sitting down watching Pokemon again. I haven't sat down to watch Pokemon in forever, mostly because I don't really watch TV anymore. Seeing this movie reminded me of so many good memories. It made me want to sit down and binge watch Pokemon for three weeks (I probably won't, though; there's way too many episodes to see at this point). There's just one thing that the movie made me think about for no particular reason (probably due to Meowth); what must a Pokemon go through in order to speak a human language? Do they need to practice? Do they need some emotional breakthrough? Could they suddenly speak one day if they really tried? It's one of those things where one small detail just sparks everything in your mind. Well, if you saw the movie, I hope you enjoyed it (and your new Pikachu once USUM releases in two weeks), and if not, I hope the movie airs publicly soon. Until then, have a good day!
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I know I'm late, but Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you guys all had a wonderful time on the 14th this year.

Now, it's the 16th, and it's my third year on DeviantArt. I can't say how happy I am to have garnered all this support throughout the years. It really means a lot to me. I've made so many different pieces of art that I'm proud of. I've improved my drawing prowess. This site is wonderful. It's a nice little place to show the world your hard work. Thank you all for these three years, and may we enjoy many more.
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Wow, it's been a while since I made a journal entry. Nonetheless, I know exactly what I want to talk about. Remember a couple months back when I made a recap of my Kingdom Hearts LV1 journey? Well, I finally completed my runs for Terra and Ventus a month or two ago. Needless to say, they were a challenge. I began with Terra since my favorite character is Ven and I wanted to save him for last. It was brutal. His slide has nothing on Vens' dodge roll or Aqua's cartwheel. He gets the least benefits from EXP Zero. His boss fights are insane. I got stuck on so many mid-to-late game bosses. At some point, I went grinding for HP and command cooldown reduction. After much patience, I finally beat Terra's story. I felt so proud, and told myself I'd never do this again (until the 1.5 + 2.5 collection releases on the PS4).

Soon after, I tackled Ven's story. It wasn't as bad, but Aqua has the best LV1 run by far. At least Ven had his invincible dodge roll. The Trinity Armor was a pain. Hook had the powers of Disney. Endgame Vanitus refused to go down, but at the end of the day, it was fun. I can't wait until I get my hands on 2.8. Until then, thanks for tuning in, and have a nice day.
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This journal is pretty much like a Kingdom Hearts Ultimania, it'll give insight that isn't stated in the work it revolves around.

-Curtis does seem very similar to Ash. There's no hiding it. They're idealistic, positive, and both got a Pikachu as their first Pokemon. The  reason Curtis "shares" his personality is because it's just coincidentally who he is, though there are some differences. Curtis also got a  Pikachu as his first Pokemon solely because it's always been what I imagined for years (Pikachu was one of my favorite Pokemon at the  time and still is). I didn't want to change what was already solidified in my mind, so I went out of  my way  to make sure Curtis and Thunder were distinct from Ash and Pikachu. Hopefully, it's going well.

-Curtis didn't start his journey because of Team Rocket; he only got a Pokemon because of them. While going on a journey makes him a force  to be reckoned with by Team Rocket, he has the motive to travel the world and befriend new faces, though the former idea does inspire him  to work hard as a trainer.

-Events within each universe will change. Sometimes for better or worse. The characters may show up at the right time and end a conflict early, only to hinder them in the future as a result. Some characters may not even be present during important moments in the original canons.

-There are not only three universes in all of existence. It's just that there's only three that are directly connected to each other.

This journal may be expanded upon...
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Of my PKMN Multiverse Adventures. I decided to delete the whole folder. A while later, I thought about all the comments, faves, and such that came with them. Ah well, what's done is done. We make mistakes. We learn not to delete old stuff, but it happens.

8/8/16 - Nevermind. The folder is gone, but everything is floating around under the "All" section in the "gallery" folder, so it's all good.
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So, I've heard in one place and read in another that a certain bug has been taken out of Tales of Symphonia Chronicles; the exploit during the Red Light/Green Light minigame where if you pause after you move, you don't get caught. I've been informed that the bug is removed. However, I was making use of it just an hour and a half ago. I'm not sure if I just have a lucky copy, but as far as I know, the bug is not gone. I'm not sure how many people I can reach, but enjoy making the minigame a small bit easier!
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I bought Tales of Symphonia Chronicles a while ago. After recently playing it, I found it to be a good game, and started looking into the rest of the games. Based on background knowledge, reviews, and what systems they're on, I've decided to get every main entry starting with Tales of Graces. There's a possibility I might play Abyss and any of the (3)DS titles. What do you believe to be a good Tales of game?
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Okay, so this is just a quick bit of info. I've been giving credit to Metapod23 and Coronis lately. Metapod23 is the creator of the hack "Pokemon Ash Gray," and Coronis made summaries and pictures of Pokemon Adventures. This is how I made some of the Overworld Sprites.

Oh, and when I say "base" in regards to Coronis, I mean I made a sprite set using what I could get.
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Okay, so you know some of my older sprites have credits to other Deviants, and I said they were free to use. Well, I'm changing that. Basically, the reason I'm making this is because of my "Ash Ketchum Sprite Set," the "Small Wally Sprite Set," and possibly the "Pokemon XY - Calem Mugshot Sprites." They all contain others' work to some degree, and I just want them all to have the credit they deserve. To be safe, I'm only allowing people to use what I made completely by myself (with very few exceptions).
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Okay, Happy Back to the Future Day! Marty and Doc have come here to see what 2015 had to offer! They're back home now, but ah well. It was nice while it lasted.

As for the small edits, I intend to make my comics bigger. I realize that they're a bit hard to read, so I'll get to that eventually.
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If I'm revamping it, I might as well tell you why. The reasons won't be in any particular order. I'll just list them as they come to mind.

The Pacing

As I mentioned before, without battles in the main comic, things just feel uneven, like a gym only takes up the first four panels, or people are just everywhere every few scenes. There's not much to say here.

The Story

Personally, the story has progressively gotten better. There are just a few things I want to change, such as how Curtis started his journey in the first place, and how he got his first Pokemon. There's also some explaining I want to do much earlier on than I originally did it. I want it all to make sense rather easily.


If you don't know what this means, it just means a heartwarming moment between two characters. I'd love to have a few early on, especially between Curtis and Thunder. There is a lot you can learn about the two if you look for context clues.

Expanded Roles

This is inevitable, seeing as how I'm only a few chapters in, but I really want to make everyone important. Especially the Pokemon, and I translate their speech, it'll be so much easier to have them converse with humans, even if, in-universe, they can't get a full grasp on what they're saying. It could be because I love RPGs, but I like reading dialogue. Not to the point of a 20-minute info dump, but just some nice conversations.

I think that's all for now. There might be more but it isn't coming to mind.
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So, I've noticed that I have a lot of sketches that I drew in my book, and now I can scan, so I decided to do something; I'll upload one or two sketches a day until I have no other sketches I plan to submit, which will be a while.

Also, I was thinking about doing this for a while. I want to draw a Pokemon at least once a week; starting off simple with Eevee or something, and going from there. I would draw that same Pokemon over and over until I can draw it the way I want to consecutively. I have to learn somehow. If I can do this, you can expect at least one sketch a week.
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