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Undertale Sketch Dump 2 by PKMNTrainerSpriterC Undertale Sketch Dump 2 by PKMNTrainerSpriterC
Hello, everyone! I'm in a huge artistic mood, so I wanted to practice some more drawing. This time, we have the Dreemurr brothers (I felt like drawing Male!Chara) from StoryShift by voltrathelively. I'll be honest, I just wanted to binge draw Chara and Asriel. To start off, I whipped up a quick full body reference of the two. I'm still trying to find out what suits me when it comes to drawing Asriel, but I'm fond of TC-96's version, so I took some inspiration. One drawing depicts Asriel meeting Shifty for the first time, while another depicts him meeting Chara. The drawing in the top right is him giving Shifty a speech before the two engage in battle. The scene in the bottom left comes from one of the worst Neutral runs, when Chara is mistaken for Shifty, who knocked the monster population down a few pegs. In the bottom right, I drew them wearing each other's clothing. Asriel is not amused. It kinda reminds me of StorySwap. I notice Asriel looks older, as well. It may just be Chara's clothing, though. I also think of Sora from Kingdom Hearts when I look at him. Ah well, thanks for tuning in, and have a nice day.

2/6/17 - Today, I realized two things; Asriel only has three toes, and Chara didn't have the green hoodie before falling into the Underground... Ah well. They're sketches for a reason.

2/21/17 - Today, I realized that Chara lacks the little waistband at the bottom of his jacket, but, you know what? Details, man. Have a nice day.
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January 25, 2017
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