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Undertale- Same People, Different Paths by PKMNTrainerSpriterC Undertale- Same People, Different Paths by PKMNTrainerSpriterC
This was probably something a lot of people have already done, but I always something I wanted to do. I think I've always had a small urge to draw the endings to Undertale (at least, my twist on them), so I whipped this up after a couple hours total. I like the idea of Frisk being able to see Chara as (s)he's traveling through the Underground, so I incorporated that. First off, we have the True Pacifist ending. Yes, I ship Charisk. I contemplated putting Asriel in there as well, but I already drew everything else, so I wanted to keep it Frisk and Chara-centric. I also like to think that Frisk's determination created souls for Chara and Asriel. I mean, the kid defeated a god, so where do you go from there? Next, we have the Neutral ending. I like to think Chara keeps her locket after death, and Frisk actually finds Asriel's. As a result, (s)he promises to find him and give it back to him. On a neutral route, though, Frisk never finds him and, unless (s)he resets, never will. Also, because his/her determination wasn't strong enough, Chara's stuck as a spirit inside of his/her head. Unless you like to think Chara gets trapped behind the barrier. Last but not least, we have the No Mercy/ Genocide ending. A popular idea is that refusing Chara's request to erase the Underground leads to the ultimate battle with Frisk's inner demon, and I wanted to incorporate it. I also wanted to draw a battle scene. I think it's my first time drawing a battle, to be honest. Well, thanks for tuning in, and have a nice day.
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February 3, 2017
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