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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Who's Out There? Sketch by PKMNTrainerSpriterC Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Who's Out There? Sketch by PKMNTrainerSpriterC
I finally got my hands on Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon last week, and I already love it. The Mystery Dungeon side series was always something that intrigued me. (Too bad I never finished Explorers of Sky since I lost all of my good items in the horrid future.) For this adventure, I chose to be a Riolu and have a Fennekin as my partner. Their names are Curtis and Milla, respectively. Yes, I am aware this pairing is SUPER popular (pun may be intended). No, I don't really care. I did it anyway. Thanks for respecting my decision. Personally, I love the partner's antics (well, most of them), so I decided to make a comic for the first time detailing the time you first meet your partner. The player's reaction is a little different from canon since it's "me." There's no words, but it's basically how the original scene goes, though Curtis starts fading into his thoughts (and maybe losing some of his sanity) while Milla blabbers on. His thoughts basically consist of him being glad it wasn't a Beheeyem but is concerned/uncomfortable about how long Milla was watching him. Also, this is my first time drawing Riolu and Fennekin, and I feel proud about it. I plan to fix this up, add text and sound words, ect. but it might take time. Until then, thanks for tuning in, and have a nice day.
Soniclink137 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017
I wouldn't worry too much about how popular the pairing is or not. Fennekin and Riolu are popular enough Pokemon already, and they fit the personalities of the Hero and Partner well, so it makes sense that pairing would be around a lot. Most people play PMD to play as their favorite Pokemon, so why wouldn't popular Pokemon be used a lot?
PKMNTrainerSpriterC Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, I appreciate that. I thought the same thing, too, when it came to their personalities. Thanks again, and have a nice day.
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