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PKMN MA Ch. 9 Remake - New Universe, Same Problems by PKMNTrainerSpriterC PKMN MA Ch. 9 Remake - New Universe, Same Problems by PKMNTrainerSpriterC
Curtis has finally arrived in a new universe. However, trouble is already brewing and Curtis is left unable to leave! He and his Pokemon flee from the dangerous Beedrill swarm and run into some new faces.

This is what I've been waiting for! Also, the comics keep getting longer! What is this phenomenon? For the longest time, people have entered Curtis' universe, but now it's vice versa! As you can see, Curtis ends up in the anime timeline, specifically episode 4, Samurai. However, Curtis is drastically changing how the story plays out, with him preventing the kidnapping (Pokenapping?) and, thus, Metapod's evolution, only being the start. Is he making things right? Is he only going to cause problems in the future? Only time will tell. On a different note, yes, I did make detailed and accurate sprites of Samurai just for this one comic. That headgear was a pain to figure out. I had a lot of fun having Curtis' gang interact with Ash's, though. That big battle near the bottom, though. That was tough to figure out. Also, I asked permission to use a few sprites and credits will be down below. Thanks for tuning in and have a nice day!

Ash and Misty's OWs Bases: Metapod23
Ash's Backsprite Base: Alzatia
Curtis' Backsprite Base: tebited15
Ash's Mugshot Base: SketchFox7 and Akuma-Tsubasa
Jessie and James' OWs Base: Ody-chan
Curtis, Jessie and James' In-battle Sprites (Used as a Base for Curtis'): Akuma-Tsubasa
VS. Screen: spaceemotion
PKMN OWs Ripped by Dragoon (from Spriter's Resource)
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November 19, 2017
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