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PKMN MA Ch. 10 Remake - R and R... and Red? by PKMNTrainerSpriterC PKMN MA Ch. 10 Remake - R and R... and Red? by PKMNTrainerSpriterC
After a stressful day, the group has a peaceful stroll toward Pewter City. Curtis, however, must head back to his own universe, but is keen on returning sometime soon. Along the way, Thunder, Nathan, and Luke realize Curtis is not as knowledgeable in regards to the language of Pokemon as they originally thought and decide to dedicate their free time secretly teaching themselves English. Meanwhile, Curtis gains more information on the multicube and runs into a new (familiar?) face.

Here we are with another comic. With a lot of free time on my hands, I decided to dedicate the past day to start and finish this chapter of downtime. I decided to have Meowth's ability to talk leave a lasting impact on the group, seeing as how I am eternally confused as to how absolutely no one in the anime sees it as anything groundbreaking for some reason. Will it ever work? Will the secret be kept? Will Curtis realize it and never tell anyone? Speaking of which, Curtis is indeed Unovan. He moved to Kanto when he was 5 or 6. Maybe he even grew up with Hilbert and co. I don't know. Also, the gym battle's coming up soon, so I can't wait for that. Until then, thanks for tuning in and have a nice day.

Ash and Misty's OWs Bases: Metapod23
Manga!Red's OW's Base: Coronis
PKMN OWs Ripped by Dragoon (from Spriter's Resource)
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December 24, 2017
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