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Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Concept Sketch by PKMNTrainerSpriterC Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Concept Sketch by PKMNTrainerSpriterC
And so the concept art continues! This is a little something I've been interested in drawing for a while. This is how I imagine Plushtrap, the Freddles, and the child in my AU. I would have drawn Plush Fredbear, but it wouldn't be too different from the top right Freddy, so I'll leave him for the digitizing process. I really like the art style I picked up for this. The child (who I named Sam) seems a little too feminine, but I guess it works since he's only twelve. Well, I'll just leave a little blurb for the lore and personalities. Thanks for tuning in, and have a nice day.

Plushtrap's Design Inspiration: PikachuFanz
General Design Inspiration: Sonic99rae

Samuel is the second youngest member of his family. With an absent mother and his father, William, constantly occupied at Fazbear Entertainment, he and his sister, Elizabeth, are left in the care of their eldest brother, Michael. Unfortunately, Michael and Elizabeth tend to tease him a lot, especially the former, so most of his time is spent in his room playing with his plush dolls of Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie Bunny, Chica Chicken, and Foxy the Pirate Fox. One day, Sam gets in a fight with Michael and runs off into a nearby forest, the same magical one that brought Freddy and Co. into existence. There, he finds five plush dolls: a greenish gold bunny, three brown bears, and a gold bear. He decides to head back home with them after he's cooled off and goes to sleep. Little did he know those plush dolls could transform into kid-sized, walking, talking trouble-makers...

Plushtrap (later named Ban by Sam, as he was partial to the overused name Bonnie, but needed some form of deviation to avoid confusion) is the 13-year-old unofficial ringleader of the plush dolls. He's cocky, but has a soft side. The bears are all 13-year-old quadruplets. Sam named the oldest one Saffron (due to his fondness of the color gold). He's mellow and serves as a friend and father figure to everyone, especially to Sam. He also has the ability to teleport. The second oldest (the only one of the Freddles to wear a bow-tie) is named Fredrick. He's level-headed, but isn't above mischief if Ban gets any ideas. The second youngest is named Red, a soft-spoken violet of a bear, but will still join in on his brothers' zany schemes. The youngest is named Theo, a slightly impulsive bear, but protective of anyone close to him. Samuel Afton is a shy 12-year-old that lacks familial and friendly bonds and prefers to play with plush dolls. He's also prone to being scared easily and isn't too sure on how to feel about Freddy and Co. as such an unearthly possibility as their existence leaves him confused. But can sentient, magical plush dolls turn him around or make it worse?
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