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Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Concept Sketch Renewed by PKMNTrainerSpriterC Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Concept Sketch Renewed by PKMNTrainerSpriterC
I couldn't resist so here's another upload! This time, we have quite the overhaul with our good buddy, Springtrap (well, lore-wise, I suppose). I went with a full body sketch because I need to do that more often and it makes for good reference material in the future. I think this is the first time I drew someone insane. I like it. Those hands, though. They may haunt me forever, but I love how they turned out. It's truly satisfying to accurately draw hands. But I digress. I threw in SpringBonnie because why not. Anyway, here's a little blurb for Springtrap in this AU. Thanks for tuning in, and have a nice day.

Springtrap Design Inspiration: PikachuFanz

Springs, like the rest of the Fazbear Co., was brought about in a magical forest. While he was gifted with mastery over the guitar like the other bunnies, he was never truly fond of playing instruments. Like the rest, he wanted to entertain people when he got older, but not by being part of a band. When he hit his teenage years, he developed an interest in the horror genre. Fascinated with fright, he figured that he would, one day, open his own horror attraction. Of course, that was when things really started getting interesting for him. He noted that some of his friends had "quirks" to them. For example, Gold could teleport and Mangle could stick to walls, and soon, he found a quirk of his own. His interest in horror led him to discover he could warp his appearance into something more "undead" and back to normal at will and he could manipulate his voice in unimaginable ways (he can make himself sound significantly older and even robotic). A few years later, Fazbear Entertainment built a new, successful establishment: Fazbear's Fright. Springs was the main attraction under his terrifying alter ego, Springtrap.

Springs is an 18-year-old mischievous gentleman of a bunny. His best friend is the mysterious Gold Fazbear. While kind, he can't help but scare his friends and family with his abilities. He speaks with an English accent and has impeccable acting skills. His alter ego, Springtrap, is like a completely different person thanks to said skills. His voice sounds more sinister, and when he starts closing in on an attraction-goer, more chaotic. He can even "filter" his voice to sound robotic. He's also a calculating psychopath.
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