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FNAF 4 - 1 AM at Sam's Page 1 by PKMNTrainerSpriterC FNAF 4 - 1 AM at Sam's Page 1 by PKMNTrainerSpriterC
It's a strange night at the Afton Household. Sam (the crying child) has been having vivid nightmares and decides to ask Ban (Plushtrap) for help. Wanting to get some shut-eye himself, Ban offers to play a little game with Sam: Fun with Plushtrap. Should Sam win, Ban would agree to "fend off" the nightmares. Should Sam lose, he's on his own. A few hours later, it seems Sam prevailed, and Ban doesn't seem pleased that Saffron (Plush Fredbear) noticed.

I've wanted to draw and digitize a comic for a long time. While the former has been done numerous times, I never accomplished the latter. Not until now, that is. I had a lot of fun making this. Well, maybe except for the backgrounds. That part was a pain, but at least it looks decent. It's only the second time I've drawn backgrounds, so some things may look a bit off. Not to mention those shadows in the last panel look wonky. Another thing I had trouble with in the past was "nighttime" colors. My colors always seemed to bright and saturated. Luckily, I messed around in MS Word (Yes, I used a word document to create art. How about that?), and was able to get the colors I wanted. This won't be too long. Only about three pages, but I'm pretty satisfied with it. Page 2 will be here in a week or two, assuming I don't get drowned in work I have to do. Thanks for tuning in, and have a nice day.
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