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Population: Evolving!

Welcome to PKMNSkies!

Due to ongoing issues with connectivity to DeviantArt's chats, we have officially moved our chatrooms to Discord. Please note the group if you wish to receive access.

We are currently closed! Keep an eye out for our next announcement.


Springleaf Town Events

A few people from one of the nearby villages wanted to set up a big LAN party, will you visit?

August 3: Polly
August 15: Samantha || Rika
August 25: Peridot
August 30: Percival


Update: The hosts installed lights on the team hideouts which you can steal to increase your team score! Light bulbs cannot be stolen back!

Welcome members to this year's summer event! Please check which team you are on in the google doc sheet below! Also if we overlooked you, please poke us in a comment below so we can add you!

Participants, please submit your entries to you team's folder in our gallery (they are all within the Laser Tag 2018 folder!)

Location: A huge hall nearby Springleaf! Takes around twenty minutes to walk there, yet luckily the local bus drives there as well! For the duration of the event every participating character can drive there for free.

The hall has multiple closed off rooms with puzzles inside and movable walls to offer new experiences on the occassion! There will be three hideouts, one for each team. There will be fog inside (optional to draw)

In short, there is no consistent design you have to follow! It's just a dark huge hall build like a fort and/or labyrinth with rooms.

Event duration: 25th July until the end of 25th September!

One submission: LED of your team's color
Becoming an MVP (the two highest ranking members of each team, or everyone who earns over 150 points and beyond): Badge of your team's color and one special item of your choosing (from a selected pool)

Team who places 3rd: Bronze Fake Candle (with batteries to light up)
Team who places 2nd: Silver Flashlight
Team who places 1st: Gold Standing Lamp



Design suggestions: Coming Soon! Also feel free to look through our laser tag folder in our gallery!

Point rating:
Sketches/Lines = 1 Point
+ Colors = +1 Point
+ Shading/Glow = +1 point

Copy pasted poses get only 1 point max. Points count for every character individually.

Simple background = +1 Points (quickly scribbled backgrounds; "floor and one wall" aesthetic; lacks shading/light; less than three props like tables, trees, boxes etc.; Guns do not count)
Complex background = +3 Points (Shaded/Use of light; more than three props like smoke, structures within the walls, multiple walls, boxes etc. ; Optional: Use of perspective)

Repeated backgrounds get 1 point max. Points count for every background (in case of a comic as example)

Simple animations (like glowing or eyes blinking) +1 bonus point
Complex animations and storyboard-like ones: every 2 frames +3 point

1 point for every 5 seconds

Written works:
1 point +1 point for every 300 words

1 point for every participant +1 point for every 400 words

Points will be split evenly among all collab partners.

Every submission has the chance to trigger a trap (-1 or -2 points) or gain bonus points (up to +5 points)

Prompts! PLEASE ADD WHAT PROMPT YOU USED TO THE DESCRIPTION! New prompts are released periodically over the course of the event. You are free to not do any of the prompts below! Everything that shows your character in ther Laser Tag vest will count towards the event.

Casual (these can be done as collabs!)
:bulletorange: Prepare your weapons! Get ready participants! (chance for +5 points)
:bulletorange: Team building! You meet with your team to discuss tactics. (chance for +5 points)
:bulletorange: Taunt and Rally! You either tried making fun of an opponent team or cheered your team on. A character can only attempt this once for the event! (chance for +15 points)
:bulletorange: Solve one of your team's puzzle rooms! Each room can only be solved once per character, they have unlimited attempts to do this! (chance for +10 points upon success)
 - Shooting/Aim puzzle
 - Agility puzzle
 - Logic puzzle
 - Teamwork puzzle
:new: Trap! Place a trap for an unsuspecting enemy. Characters can only attempt this three times for the whole event! (chance for +10 points)
:new: Enlightening! Try to capture an opposing team's light bulb! There are 5 light bulbs per team. You can try this as many times as you want, until we are out of lights. (chance for +15 points)
:new: Defend your light! You and your team made sure your light bulbs stay where they are. (chance for +5 points)

Challenge (Can only be done once and need to be done alone unless stated otherwise. Reward +15 points upon completition!)
:bulletorange: Steel yourself! You're really working out now. Challenge focuses on trying something out of the comfort zone by using a different drawing style/ writing style or media
:bulletorange: Mind boggling! Solve a hard puzzle room of your team together. Challenge focuses on collaborating what to use for composition and the creativity in what the room has for a task. (Collab only! Can definitely be a written work!!)
:new: Skilled! Put out 4 members of the opposing teams without getting hit. Challenge focuses on drawing/writing a good bunch of opponent cameos and the story of how it came to be.  Doesn't have to be long!

Submission Guidelines:
- Only 4 submissions per day!
- One prompt per picture!
- To have a submission count for the event your character has to wear the laser tag gear of their team!
- Drawings: Minimum of a colored sketch
- Longer animations/storyboards: Refined sketches, minimum of 10 frames
- RP logs: 800 words Minimum
- Literature pieces: 400 words Minimum
- Collabs allowed and encouraged!
- Residents who didn't get signed-up for this event and NPCs are not allowed within the hall environment. However, some prompts can be placed outside. You are also allowed to not use a prompt and just have your character flaunt their laser tag gear around town!
- Laser guns are only activated inside the hall! Outside they won't turn on
- No one should come to harm during the event!

Q: Can I switch my character and/or team during the event?
A: Nope!

Q: Can I collab with a friend who is on another team?
A: Yup! The points will be split evenly to both teams. Also we do not allow for any harrassement of members who wish to collab with another team. Anyone who harrasses people over this will be excluded from the event for the rest of it's duration!

Q: Does my vest and gun have to follow the guidelines/suggestions exactly?
A: Not at all! You are absolutely free to come up with your own designs as long as they follow your team's theme and include tag markers (minimum of front, shoulder/sides and back)! There seem to be headbands for outdoor laser tag which provide a 360° hit zone, while we would prefer tags on the torso, as long as your character can easily get hit from all sides the exact placement of them doesn't matter!

Q: You say vest a lot, do I HAVE to use a vest or could I use something else too? Could my character wear a cape as example?
A: As long as you can stick some easy to hit laser tag markers onto it you're good! Give us diving suits, elaborate dresses, complete robot suits. All good as long as your character can move and get hit!

Q: Does the gear have to look futuristic and glow or can I go with more traditional steampunk themes, as example?
A: We require some amount of glowing for the sake of knowing where opponents are and where they can be hit! Otherwise, your gear doesn't have to look futuristic at all~ what about some old fashioned light bulbs as light source, for example? Though we ask that gas lights and actual fire are not used for safety reasons.

Q: How wild can I go with the gun design?
A: As long as it follows your team's theme, go wild! There are NO requirements for the gun designs beyond it being a laser tag weapon and shooting lasers. Want a mini gun? Go for it! Want to go the Iron Man route? Go for it! Want to use a bow? Do it! Gauntlets are fine as well! The only restriction we do is for automatically aiming guns, we want to see people aiming themselves! RC guns are alright however~

Q: Are moves allowed?
A: Yes! Esspecially for things like defending yourself or a team member from shots, distractions or things affecting the mobility. No moves that count as attacks or can damage people as we have children participating AND the laser guns for the job! The same counts for Abilities!

Q: Is there a minimum requirement to participate in this event?
A: Nope! If you cannot submit anything within the two months there won't be any consequences! Life happens, we understand~

More Journal Entries


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