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3 down 1 to go!~ Agatha was always my favorite Kanto E4 member, even if she's more of a Poison trainer than Ghost V:

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Oh... right... Gengar won't be immune to ground attacks until Gen three, which would be fixed in Gen Seven...
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meaning 2 of the 3 sets of Kanto games Gengar isn't immune to Ground in U:
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By all means though, all her Pokémon are Poison Type making her one of the few E4 that actually sticks to one type. Even though she does imply she's a ghost type specialist.
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a fair point, still funny that she's the only member of the Kanto E4 who fully follows one type and it isn't even her type
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I was thinking "Waitaminnit, doesn't Gengar have Levitate?" But then I remembered that this is Gen I, before the advent of abilities. =P
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ye~ Altho Gengar no longer has levitate V:
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Huh, first I heard o' that. I actually looked it up to confirm.
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Heh, nice to see even Agatha gets in on the pun game worse than Wheeler. And she doesn't give a care. Very awesome to see Nido wreck her way through Agatha's team and I really loved Pulse's expression and body language when she was on top of Nido's head to zap Golbat. That was such an Eve thing and it makes me ecstatic to see Pulse influenced by Eve in such a way! :D

And seeing Pulse and Nido's friendship through their proud looks at one another at the end was nice. After all, these two have been together for so long, after all. They're the longest runners of this team. 
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Ya can't stop the pun power~ And glad you liked that!~ I always wanted to make it so Pulse and Eve influenced each other~ And indeed! the friendship is strong with these 2~
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Well, isn’t this an...EARTH-SHATTERING development. I’m not sorry.
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One should never be sorry for puns!
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Guess that Agatha never stood a GHOST of a chance!
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