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Pokemon Yellow Nostalgialocke P1



Can you say too many comics! That's right, I'm starting ANOTHER Nuzlocke!~ This one isn't really gonna have as much attention as the other one, I'll just kinda so it when I feel liek it. And for the record there's nothing special about a "Nostalgialocke," I just called it that because I decided to do it after reading old Nuzlockes, Also because it's my first time playing Yellow since I was like, 8.

The people whose Nuzlockes are referenced in panel 1 are :iconpettyartist:'s Leaf Green, :iconky-nim:'s Diamond, and :iconprotocol00:'s Heart Gold

(Also, man, this only took like 6 hours to finish, no wonder people were so fast back in the day)


Pokemon (c) :iconnintendoplz:
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Oh, SOOT! I was reading this on SMACKJEEVES! But Now I can read it HERE!