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Hey there!~ I'm pkmnMasterWheeler BUT you knew that already. I mostly do Pokemon art, mainly my 3 Nuzlocke comics, but I also do a bit of video game and cartoon stuff on occasion! I also started streaming recently!

And since I got so much goin on i figured I'd make a fancy Schedule!~



Golden Sun Update (every other week)




SSP Update | Let's Play update


Let's Play update


Ash and Raichu Propaganda Update | Game Streams (With Zero!)


Pea Shorts Update | Game Streams (With Tails!)


Across the Divide Update | Pokemon Streams (With Tails!)

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Pokemon Sword/Shield, Zelda Breath of the Wild, Diginon Cyber Sleuth
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Lazer weapons from the FUTURE!!!

Kid Icarus Uprising Let's Play

July Hiatus

1 min read
Hey yall! Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be taking a hiatus form comic posting for the month of July! I've been havin a real hard time keepin up with finishing all my comic updates week to week and was needin a bit of a break. And I'll honestly probably be making this the norm from here on out, taking a month off in January and July to recover. Also for those of you who watch me stream, while I won't be taking the whole month off, I will be taking an extra week off, so I won't be streaming the last two weeks of this month rather than just the last one. But with that, thanks everyone for bein patient, and see you back here on August 1st with more comic updates!~
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It is once again a new year which means it is once again time for a super awesome update on things! So, From here on I will likely be taking every January off from comic posting to get some much needed rest and hopefully get a buffer so I don't have to take a week off from posting if I needa take a week off from drawing. But with that let's get into further details about the specifics of stuff!~ Across the Divide As you may all know, Across the Divide just finished it's 9th chapter, so it will not only be taking January off for my general break, but February off for the end of chapter break. I would love to just combine the two so it's taking less time off overall, but I've been having a serious problem struggling to keep up the part of the comic that's planned and ready to be worked on, for ALL of my comics actually, so being able to have a whole month largely dedicated just to that and another to actually drawing may be much needed. Golden Sun Golden Sun isn't at the end of a
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Short Break

1 min read
Hey yall! Just wanted to give ya a heads up that I have been, very tired for the past two weeks, so I may slightly not have this weeks pages ready to go. So Ipve decided instead of trying to rush them all done I'll postpone them all a week. I'll also prolly be skipping all my streams for the week as well.
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