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Hey there!~ I'm pkmnMasterWheeler BUT you knew that already. I mostly do Pokemon art, mainly my 3 Nuzlocke comics, but I also do a bit of video game and cartoon stuff on occasion! I also started streaming recently!

And since I got so much goin on i figured I'd make a fancy Schedule!~



Golden Sun Update | A Link to the Past Randomizer Streams








Ash and Raichu Propaganda Update | Art Streams


Pea Shorts Update | Random Shenanigans Streams!


Across the Divide Update | BTAI Update (every other week) | Pokemon Rescue Team DX Stream

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Ash's Pokemon: Overall

Ash's Pokemon: Overall

So how I was thinkin of doin this is having a journal with Ash's Pokemon's overall wins, and to make new ones with their seasonally wins, and just link back to this one, and update this one as I go. So I'll keep this one short and just get to the important part. Pokemon              Fights                    Wins                 Losses                    % Pikachu                   538                      479                     59                      89% Naganadel                7                          6                        1                       86% Incineroar               24                        20                       4  

Now that Ash's Alola team is returning in Pokemon Journ...

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Ash's Pikachu Evolving

Ash's Pikachu Evolving

So as some of you may have heard, the most recent episode of the Pokemon anime was an evolution fake out with Pikachu. And while Ash's Pikachu evolving in the MAIN anime would be dumb for numerous reasons, mainly how long he's been a Pikachu and it going against what he wants as a character, In the movies not so much. So ever since movie 20 "Pokemon: I Choose You!" the movies have followed an alternate reality version of Ash and Pikachu. And THIS version of Pikachu, has never been established to not want to evolve. On top of that he's only been around 3 years, which by comparison would be like if Ash's Pikachu in the anime changed his mind in like, season 1 or 2 of Johto and evolved there, so not nearly as crazy amount of time as the over 20 years he's been a Pikachu in the anime. So my question to all of you is, do you think the Movie AU version of Ash's Pikachu should evolve into Raichu so we'd have Ash and his partner Raichu in the movies, but still have Ash and his partner Pikachu

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Happy New Years! May 2021 be a better year than last years train wreak.

I REALLY like your art style. It is very unique!

You know if their bringing back characters in Pokémon journey there are 2 I hope will make a comeback and one I hope doesn’t

Who do u hope doesn't~

Paul, the 2 I hope for is Cassidy and Hutch