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A fun and interactive pokemon training and breeding community that caters to the needs of our members.

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  • [This Month's Events]

    [January - June Event]


    Submissions are due by: June 30th 11:59 PM EST on , 2024.

    [January - June Trail]

    Happy Birthday Anniversary

    Can be explored ONCE every Tuesday and Thursday!

    **Requires a Trail Pass**

    [ -- Theme]

    None At The Moment! Submissions are due by: 11:59 PM EST on , 2024.

    [March Birthdays]

    If you have a birthday coming up, let us know in the journal below! [Birthdays]

    Enjoy your very special day!


    [PKMNation Spotlight]

    [Member Of The Month]

    January - Rui-rui

    February - PlaguesLament

    March - lollypopcandy2

    [Pokemon Of The Month]

    January - Boba by JigglyJellyBean

    February - Ayda by DinoSaga

    March - Flap by BluthernSwirl

    [Battle Results - Week 111]

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    Is this group still open? And am I still a member O_o

    Hiya Edlynette

    Yes our group is still going strong

    but we're not open for adding new members in (or old returning ones)

    this is your gallery and it says non member ^^

    but you can come back when we open again in May ^^ long as you answer the questions right <3

    Whens the next time joining is available?

    Hiya Hiya <3

    Our next opening is Middle of may ^^

    does anyone want a Shiny undesigned Dratini/Druddigon from a Roulette 2.0?
    I don't have a price in mind so just offer whatever you want (points, items, designs...etc)