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Hey Explorers,
Welcome to our Pokémon Mystery Dungeon group, celebrating the Pokémon spin off series, Mystery Dungeon.
Chat, enjoy yourselves, submit your art. You know, all that stuff.

About the art: This is a group for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fans. We will have a large selection of art and literature of PMD, fan fics, fan-comics and things related to the games, Special anime and Manga. Easily said, if it has something to do with the PMD series.

The rules are simple:
1. Don't say bad things about anybodys art, but to give them advice is always nice,
2. Make sure you mature art is tagged as such,
3. No Spam,
4. Don't break the rules.
Founded 10 Years ago
Feb 8, 2011


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Fan Club

1,152 Members
1,080 Watchers
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Gallery Folders

Cassidy The Jolteon by H2OVaporeon
Midnight The Umbreon by H2OVaporeon
Berry Mission by PokeDeviant2000
Gold The Flareon by H2OVaporeon
PMD Red and Blue
Yellow the pika ref. OUTDATED by Team-Shitpost
PMD Blue Rescue by Team-Shitpost
Oran by Team-Shitpost
Yellow the pika by Team-Shitpost
PMD Darkness, Time and Sky
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon O.C Pipolu by SammyStar16
PMDcc - Roux by xFatedDestinyx
Woodland Exploration by Lumpybells
Luka the Shinx by 0Jynxthejinx0
My Top 10 Personal Pokemon by Midnight3Wonder
My Top 10 Pokmon Mystery Dungeon Ships by Midnight3Wonder
Basil + Steve Irwin = Chief Ampharos by Midnight3Wonder
My Top 10 Pokmon Ships by Midnight3Wonder
PMD: FM - Prologue : Cover by LucarioFan112
Watchdogs- Chapter 1 Page 11 by 8BitGalaxy
Pokemon Mystery Quest: Chains of the Heart Teaser by GrandmasterOshawott
PMD: FM - Cover by LucarioFan112
Fan characters
Maybe hes just dynamaxing, Yellow by Team-Shitpost
Rinko doodles (+ Kyo) by TeeterGlance
Dead Rising by chicoARTS
Inherited Signature - Melody's Wish of the Aria by Graffiiti3000
Bayard The Beheeyem Reference by Midnight3Wonder
Megaira The Vulpix Reference by Midnight3Wonder
Fife The Nuzleaf Reference by Midnight3Wonder
ethan by NotAnExistingUserMom
Pmd literatures
Group related such as contest misison whatev
PMD: Team Munchies' June Desert Mission by DrCoeloCephalo
Clefairy battle by crystal-latias
Scenes form the games such as th beach, temp
Painting NO.1 Wooloo by Team-Shitpost
Draw This Again- Rayquaza Battle by visionaryBuffoon127
Rayquaza Battle by visionaryBuffoon127
[redraw]In Harmony by Skye-Moone
Gates To Infinity
Team Hope Flame by Vanilocke
Super Mystery Dungeon
Power Ups- A PMD Sidemission by Mad-Zazzy


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Ok, cool. Hopefully I've fixed something. The only folder which does not need approval is the Featured folder. You should be able to submit to your hearts content. Any other folder will need my approval. I cant find any option which allows me to change this. Its something, at least.

Lets hope this works!
...Should now be automatically approved when you submit it.
Hopefully, this'll mean you don't need to wait for me to look at this website once a month.
It should work, buuut we'll see. If you've been on here long enough you'll know that a lot of the admin changes I make on here don't stick. It seems to have let me change the settings, which is positive.

So keep the PMD love flowing, especially those comics some of you are making. Nice one.
Thanks for not complaining about me not approving your work.

Keep exploring and stuff,

Time for that yearly journal entry!

Firstly, a new admin joined recently and I would love to thank them for their help. :iconlunekitten: You are awesome!!

If anyone would like to join as an admin simply to help out or give this group a nice makeover, then be my guest. Seriously, if you had any ideas to give this page some life then please throw them our way.

General things:
:bulletred: Thank you to those who wait patiently for things to be accepted into the group, I know it takes a while.
:bulletred: That silly fake folder is still around. Pretend it isn't there, I cant delete it. (Haha)
:bulletred: Just hit the button if you want to join, nothing special.
:bulletred: Questions about anything, including the above? Just drop us a message.

I love seeing all of your work, I'm glad we have a diverse variety of artists and writers. :)

Hope everyone has been ok.
Happy exploring!
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Mixitup2 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2020
Hey I just wanted to know how to contribute? I have started on a pmd comic.
TheBarredOneOnceMore Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2020   General Artist
Question(s) : will the folders be fixed sometime soon?  It's been a long time and the only folder we can put stuff in is the featured folder.  And are there admins still doing things for this group?  I'd understand if eclipse made it harder to fix things on here.
AsFarAsIKnow Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
question: how do i submit to any folder other than featured???
cheesemine Featured By Owner Edited Feb 1, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Could I post one my latest PMD drawings in the Red and Blue folder? ^^
Here's the link - Lapis Cave - PMD Fan art

I've already posted it in featured, but just thought I'd ask ^^
Ville247 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2020
are there any pokemon oc name experts here?
XetaJTS Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I'm new here and have started a comic series for pmd. May I ask if possible if I could post my comic in the comic folder?

Well I already posted in featured, but I still dont know how that works yet
Mad-Zazzy Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi, welcome! 
Yeah, that sounds great. I hope the comics folder should be one of the working ones. Hopefully, it will let you put your work into 2 folders, if there is a problem, I'll see if can move your works myself. :)
XetaJTS Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Clockwork Journeys by XetaJTS   Hey I wanted to send this to make it easier! This is what I had posted in featured. Just wanted to show the exact one so you knew which one I was refering to!
Mad-Zazzy Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool, thanks.
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XetaJTS Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh! Thanks so much for replying I appreciate it! I will see if it works as well or if you have already done it yourself!
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