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The Grand Festival is a challenge for all Pokémon Coordinators. In order to progress, Coordinators must win five master rank ribbons from Pokémon Contest categories by challenging them with fellow competitors. The winner receives the Ribbon Cup.
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Welcome to the Pokemon Grand Festival Group!

We are a group dedicated to Pokemon Coordinator Contests, and this group will focus on developing trainer's contest battle skills!

Rules and Requirements
To Join: Simply click the 'join this group' button at the top! If you don't wish to join, you can always watch our group's progress as well!

To Participate: Please submit a trainer sheet to the group so we know who is participating in the contests!

Links of Interest:
:bulletred: Festival General and Submission Rules
:bulletgreen: Template Rules and Guidelines
:bulletblue: Coordinator Template
:bulletyellow: Member Chatroom
:bulletpink: Staff Chatroom
Days in Lilycove had passed since the first set of normal rank rounds had ended at the festival. While some were happy for the break in activity, others grew weary of waiting and became impatient. There seemed to be an absence of usual order, and one could get the feeling that something was amiss. Sightings of the five judges had been scarce, one in particular...

But, before speculation and rumors could get into full blast, all participants in the festival were called to the main dome for an assembly. There was some brief chatter before they were silenced by a man, wheeling on stage in a wheelchair. None had really ever seen him before at the PGF, but he did look vaguely familiar to some. He also looked a bit like one of the judges.

When he opened his mouth to speak, his voice was cheery but with a small hint on seriousness. "Hello everyone! I'm happy to see you all today. You all look very dashing, coordinators and spectators alike~" He paused to glance over the crowd, as if to make sure something was in place.

"Now then, you may or may not know me, but my name is Sigrid Girard. I have a bit of good news and bad news for you today! I'll start with the good news, which is that after returning from a recent trip to the Unova region I am pleased to announce we will be starting a program similar if not the same to the pokemon musical concept. It was a pleasure to see such performances in our distant neighbor's land, and I, and my associate Joseph, thought it would be a lovely idea to bring such pleasures closer to home"

There were a few murmurs among the crowd. The Pokemon Musical was something that was known to be exclusive to Unova. However, those who were familiar with the concept had bright eyes, looking forward to the possibility. But before anyone could get too excited, Sigrid opened his mouth to speak once more, with a budding, stern look on his face. He was still smiling however, which calmed a few and unnerved some others, as this could only be the part where the bad news came in.

"I can see from the looks on your faces that you are bracing yourself for whatever bad news I may be bringing. No one has died or anything of the sort. But I must regrettably inform you that the main contest to obtain the ribbon cup must be canceled for the remainder of the year.This is a choice that has been carefully decided,"

Despite the immediate disgruntled voices rising, Sigrid pressed on with a smile. "I know a lot of you may be disappointed by this development, but please keep in mind that the ribbon cup is an annual thing. There is always next year, and in the meantime you have this pokemon musical development to keep you occupied. Consider this a prep time for the actual competition to start up again. Whether you like it or not it's probably a good idea for you to have time to hone all of your great skills!" Granted there were still disgruntled mumbles at this point, but Sigrid simply ignored them, maintaining a cheery demeanor. Sigrid uttered a few more brief words, and then proceeded to direct them out of the assembly hall. Outside registration for musicals were open.

Now before you all go flying off the handle, no the PGF is not canceled for the remainder of the actual real time year. That would be silly. However as you may have noticed, there has not been much visible activity. This is because the decision to put the PGF on a bit of a hiatus while renovation would be underway was considered, and decided on. So what this means for you guys is that there is a bit of a halt in the group. But unlike the above story mode suggests, it is not a year.

I would tell you all to expect things to pick up again around mid or late summer as far as the ribbon cup goes. In the time from now to then we will be making accommodations and editing the current system we have so that it is easier to follow and understand, making it so you as members aren't constantly confused as to what is what and when is when. But don't fret, it's not like we are dropping off the radar, as I still have not covered a few things.

Above mentioned is the addition of something that was newly released in the new pokemon Black and White games, pokemon musical. For those of you who have not already experienced such a thing, Pokemon musical is a bit similar to contest in the aspects that it is a performance done by pokemon. Four pokemon are glammed up and then put on a stage to dance to varying themes of music. That is the basic idea of it all. Here is the bulbapedia page if you wish for more information

What this means for you all: For those still in the main contest and those that have appealed recently, you have been paired up in groups of four where applicable. Mind you not paired up in the sense that you have to collaborate with anyone, but the other 3 people in your group will simply be the others on stage. The groups are as follows!

Group A


Group B


Group C


Group D


So what is there to be done now you may ask? Your task as of now is to draw something with the Pokemon Musical Theme, which can be anything your heart desires as long as it fits into the idea. Your judges are Sigrid Girard and Joseph Spring. Do your best!


:bulletred:If you currently have two pokemon entered into the PGF, you must find a way to incorporate both of them.

:bulletred:For those of you in groups with people that have more than one pokemon entered, find out which one they intend to use mainly on stage.

:bulletred:All four pokemon in your group must be drawn performing on the stage, but the goal is to make yours stand out the most! Use any props at your arsenal!

:bulletred:You do not have to draw your group member's coordinators, although it will be smiled upon if you do.

:bulletred:Any form of visual media shall be accepted, bar for sketches. All work must look complete.

For now, those are all the specifications I have. You may title your piece "pokemon musical" upon submission to the group or something similar. If you plan on doing more than one picture, please only submit the first part of the submission and simply link the rest of it all within the artist's comments.

The deadline for this is May 21st

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