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As the title says, this is my Sales and Give A Ways Page.

Christmas Litter, aka Babs everywhere by Pkmn-Freak
All of the Available Pokemon from this litter are free. Feel free to take one, but do let me know on the Litter image itself.
Female Blend (Rock) Goomy - Open
Male Variant Nilhilego - Open
Female Blend (Ice) Mixbreed Goomy/Nilhilego - Open
Male Variant Mareep
- Open
Female Blend (Grass) Mixbreed Charmander/Riolu
- Open
Female Shiny Mixbreed Vulpix/Shinx
- Open
Female Variant Mixbreed Shinx/Bunnelby
- Open
Female Mixbreed Buizel/Chespin
- Open
Female Mixbreed Shaymin/Finneon -Open (due to the Original owner leaving the group)
Female Variant Mixbreed Shaymin/ Pawniard/ Alolan Meowth
- Open
Female Shiny Variant Finneon
- Open
Male Blend (water) Shaymin
- Open
Male Shiny Blend (Fire/Fairy) Skiddo/Eevee
- Open

Squire X Zeln Non-Cannon Clutch by Pkmn-Freak
The Pokemon on this litter are for sale for Levels for # 5 on the same litter:
Male Variant Blend (Fire) Shinx - Open
Female Variant Blend (Fairy) Dratini
- Open
ale Shiny, Variant Eevee/Houndour
- Open
Attention everyone. As you can probably can see at the title, I'm been kinda done with Tokotas for a while now. While it was fun, it felt like the system didn't click with me. While I did live a while ago, I've been struggling to sell my Tokotas through private means and decided to expand my horizons. As such, all of my tokotas are up for sale.

What am I going to take as payments?
Well, while I am done with Tokotas, I'm not done with ARPG's in general and as such I've started up up in :iconrealm-of-kitsunari: . I've been enjoying it for a little while now and I will accept anything from that group as payment for any of these tokotas.

But I do have an eye on another group, :iconsaurian-amoux: . The creatures look interesting and I feel like I can start up well in that group as well. I am looking for anything from that group's sale as payment for one of my Tokotas.

Thank you everyone who read this.
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Hello everyone in Pokemon Realms! This is Pkmn-Freak here.

It is almost time for the Grand Keyma Lapras Race to come to a close. As it stand right now, the image is coming along nicely and should be up in time for the 25th. After that and another project that I should be able to finish by the end of the month, I will be starting to pour everything into two new projects.

The first will be beating the Duel Hall. While I have the first badge, I want more... So in order to ensure that I can win each round I want to make sure everyone of my main Pokemon has moves that can take care of each champion. That is were I come to you guys. This post will be constantly updating as I plan out every turn of combat between the Duel Hall Champions and myself. I'm taking into account what move types my opponents has in order to pick Pokemon that can take minimum damage from the majority of those attacks as well as the types my opponents have so I can pick moves that will do a great deal of damage (and maybe knock them out before the third round :P). The amount I will pay depending on the Pokemon that is learning the moves and the moves I want on those pokemon. The harder the Pokemon or the move complex the move, the more I will shell out in payment. I'll will be paying in Trins, Components (aside from a select few that I have plans for), certain items, newly hatched Pokemon from any of my breedings that I will do from this post onward, and rights to Destiny Knot a certain Pokemon of mine to yours (this is a rare case though so don't ask for it right off unless you want to a lot of art/writing). If you want to do a collab to ease the amount of work you do, I'll be willing to help with both writings and art (I will do the coloring and BG though), but it will lower the payments you get from me. Note narrative move learning will remove the difficultly booster what you would get if you did the art.

As it stands, these are the Pokemon that needs to learn some moves.
 Harmony Smack Down
 Renki  Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Thunder
 King Drain Punch, Hammer Arm (Bonus for any other moves that is considered a punch by the Ability Iron Fist)
 Mordi Dazzling Gleam, Earthquake, Blizzard
 Bass Lava Plume
 Kiki Smack Down, Rock Wrecker

BUT WAIT! BEFORE YOU LEAVE! I have another thing I want to do. I am working closely with the mods in order to create a Tabletop adventure that is so closely related to Realms that you can even get stats for taking part in. I'll be using the Pokemon Tabletop Adventures rules for this but they are heavily modified to reflect the world that Realms has created for us. I have two different full length campaigns planned out but I want to make sure that the modified rules are set before going deep into detail on what encounters I plan ahead and what not.

The first one is going to be set in Lhaindor, where a unsavory group is trying something that they shouldn't and it's up to the party to work with the factions of the Kingdom (Found here) to stop them. This campaign will feature more reputation exploration style sessions as the party will have to take quests from these factions in order to complete their goals. I plan on asking the mods to help plan out some of these to help build the world but also the factions themselves.
The second one is going to be set in my Kingdom of Keyma, where after Gallant's rage is quelled, the rest of the Great Labyrinthine Isle has opened up for explorers to check out and find new discoveries. This campaign will more normal explorations style session as the party will venture through uncharted lands and discover new and strange things that reside in the depths of the land. This is campaign will be more directed by myself since it is set in my kingdom.

If you are interested in taking part in this, please respond to this below and pick either Lhaindor or Keyma for what campaign you want to do. I will be taking only five people so majority wins. But don't let that let you down if you are the 6th person to respond to this. If and only if, enough people want to take part for both campaigns I might be able to set up two different times so each group has a session that week (or bi-weekly if I get too stressed out) When I start getting ready to start the campaign I will contact you to help build your character the way you want it.

That is all I have to say for now. But stay posted or even just flat out fav this post so you can look back at it in case I set up some new MovesForTrins request or an update on the tabletop game. I'm Pkmn-Freak, out!
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I always try to live by a quote, "Good days or bad days are never determined by one single event, but a series of events in that day." Never have I seen it be so true. Day after day I see people being killed on the news, war take lives and government's taking the opinions of the its people and flushing them down the drain. But while these are only affecting me indirectly through the news, word of mouth or other means that end up triggering an slight emotional response, its is those that affect me more directly that wears my body down. Stress at work, a friend being bullied because of his beliefs, or just something that happens with in my sphere of influence. While of the time I try to change the effects of these negative events, such as take a breather or stand up for a friend, it is when no matter what I do, I can not affect the outcome of the problem, that is where I break down. I get angry. I get savage. I get emotionally unstable to the point where I can feel every negative emotion at once pouring in and out of me that I would like to just end it. Cut the ties and start over. New memories, new family, new future, new hope. These are the things that I pray for every time the edge gets near. But every time I peer over the edge of the cliff or raise the knife, I see my past. The friends that I made, the family that raise me to the good man that I've grown up to be, the hopes and dreams that I dragged behind me even though I clearly know that they wouldn't make it anywhere without my influence being there in the first place. I see them, smiling at me with hopeful eyes. They aren't hopeful that I'll be gone, no. They are hopeful that I can still go places, and they hope to join me on the road that I wanted to pave. I see them... and I turn around to join them for another round of life.

So every day that I face this and I pick the path of life, hoping, praying that the next day with be brighter. Call me little Annie but one matter how many days are dark and grey, I know that the next day has to chance to be better. I know when that day with come, when death only come to those who lead a fulfilling life, wars are just a thing of the pass, governments are for the people's betterment and their own. When stress doesn't lead to depression, bullies are nonexistent and every thing is better in the world. When that day comes, wither I be standing six feet tall or six feet under, I know I can finally cry my last tears bore from stress.

For those who feel like they walk this road with me but think they aren't strong enough, don't forget that your strength comes not just from yourself, but the road you have paved behind you.

"I'm not a saint,
I'm just do what I can.
Yes, I curse,
At those who hurt my friends.
I may do some bad things,
to pave a road to heaven,
so others can walk on it."

Stay strong everyone. I will be here if you need me.
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So I've heard from people that my story is another Final Fantasy. Well I just want to say to those who think that, they can tell me right now rather than hide in the shadows like cowards. I won't disagree with them but I wished that people that say this could come front and tell me. A part of me would like this to get out of my system.
Sorry folks for my inactive time. I have a good reason. I been working on this.

To Keyma Coast is a story that I been working on. It is a Fantasy story and by no means a short one. I just finished writing the base for Act one and will be doing the final check on it before posting it here. I hope to post weekly and starting Monday. I thank you for the long wait and please enjoy each Chapter as it comes out.
Yeah I bought it and finished it the same da. I have no life. Anyway I want to glomp these characters for these reason. Rena because I love her design. Shugo because his personally reminds me of Capell from Infinite Undiscovery. I loves his "You did say you would do ANYTHING for me," personally. Balmung's design remind me of a TOS Character. And the winner for the "this person would hurt me if I didn't glomp them" award...Mireille-chan!!

Pokemon Black and White legendary!!!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 4, 2010, 4:51 AM
Ahhhhhhh! the New legendary are now loose on the world. *starts running around like a chicken with its head chopped off.* Reshram for PKMN White and Zekrom for PKMN Black. I getting Zekrom because it looks like another steel-dragon type. It cloud be a dragon-dark type but which I would drop to the floor, and round around like friend of my that freaks out because of a cretin RPG. You know how you are if you read this. Getting back to the topic at hand, yeah I am so happy that the bad ***'s are now public. Good luck on your pokemon adventures! XD

Yeah I know I should get smack for this. But I don't care. I willing to make Pokemon in to Final Fantasy people using classes from FFTA2. Final Fantasy Wiki has all the classes but here they are
Soldier, White Mage, Thief, Black Mage, Archer, Paladin, Fighter, Hunter, Parivir, Blue Mage, Illusionist, Seer, Ninja,
Animist, Moogle Knight, Fusilier, Juggler, Tinker, Time Mage, Chocobo Knight, Flintlock,
Fencer, Assassin, Summoner, Sniper, Elementalist, Red Mage, Green Mage, Spellblade,
Warrior, White Monk, Dragoon, Defender, Bishop, Gladiator, Templar, Cannoneer, Master Monk, Trickster,
Beastmaster, Sage Alchemist, Arcanist, Scholar,
Ranger, Berserker, Lanista, Viking, Raptor, Ravager, Geomancer,

Anyway to have one made please pm me name the Pokemon, the Class and Gender. A Name for it will be nice if you don't what the Pokemon's name follow by it's class. Note I will not do legendary or limbless Pokemon (Ekans, Goldeen.) Also pm me if you have questions.