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    “I’m telling you, Xerneas would win,” Katie said as her and Howard entered the guild hall. The elvenborne gave a quick signal toward the bartender as she lead her friend to the nearest table.

    The forgeborne waved a thick finger at her. “Don’t go saying Jirachi is beat just because of him being a smaller being. You need to keep in mind that in order for them to do it, they need to be in their host forms to properly do it.”

    “I have taken that into account that,” she replied as a pair of mugs were brought up. Taking the mug, she took a deep swallow. “Men do tend to be a lot stronger.”

    “Of course we are,” Howard elated, “Why do you think we pack more muscles?”

    Katie watched as the half-dwarf downed his mug before replying, “But you forgot about the fact Xerneas is consider the stronger of the two, being the goddess of life and all. Perhaps that power can be transferred into her arm strength?”

    “Pff,” he replied as he gestured for his mug to be refilled, “Wouldn’t that be cheating? I mean we are talking about arm wrestling, the purest form of a test of strength. Using your own magical powers to increase your physical strength seems like an unfair advantage.”

    “But you can’t argue that she would be stronger if she did?”

    “Well of course. You said it yourself, Xerneas is the goddess of life. But that isn’t my point. I think it would be considered cheating if she augmented her strength.”

    “Fair enough,” Katie replied taking another drink. “But even if she didn’t cheat as you would put it, I am pretty sure that Xerneas would win.”

    “And how would you know?” Howard replied before downing another mug.“ We never seen what the two of them look like in their host form. Jirachi could have picked someone who is quite buffed.”

    “That could be true, but the same could also be said about Xerneas. Or either one of them could have picked someone rather weak as a host and the other could win. That’s one reason I proposed them augmenting their strength.”

    “They would have to pick someone strong at the very least,” Howard replied pointing at her with his mug. “Think about it. If you were one of the gods, would you really want someone who is weak to hide your identity.”

    Thinking it over, Katie took another drink before replying, “Fair enough. So let’s see, We’ve agreed on a few things.”

    “Xerneas would win if they are allowed to augment their strength,” Howard interrupted. “Whoever has the strongest host would win if they aren’t.”

    “But what about if they can still arm wrestle in their original forms?’ Katie asked.

    Waiting for his mug to be refilled, the ship captain quickly replied, “That’s clearly a win for Xerneas. No way around it. But she doesn’t have any arms to wrestle with in that form, thus it doesn’t count.”

    “Ah, still despite so much evidence towards Xerneas’s win, you still stand by your statement that Jirachi would be the winner. Why?”

Downing the his mug once more, Howard replied, “I like to gamble on bad odds.”
Word Count: 534 Words
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Howard | PC: Major
Katie | PC: Major

"I am completing the Kingdom's Challenge Mini Objective 29!"
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Word Count: 534

Pokemon of Choice (Howard) gained 5 HP, 7 Defense, 10 Sp. Attack, 12 Sp. Defense.
Pokemon of Choice (Howard) has earned 34 stat points! Pokemon of Choice (Howard) gained 6 levels!

Pokemon of Choice (Katie) gained 6 HP, 14 Defense, 4 Sp. Attack, 3 Sp. Defense.
Pokemon of Choice (Katie) has earned 27 stat points! Pokemon of Choice (Katie) gained 5 levels!

Trainer earned 83 Trinities. + 100 trins for objective~
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