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    At the Unown Emporium, business had slowed down due to the onset of lunch. Customers who would normally drop by to look at the wares were now visiting the many pop-up and walk-in dining experiences. Now the only things that graced the shelves were the owner and her Pokémon. Mordi, the hulking, sleepy, grouch of chimera, rested near the countertop. Her owner was elsewhere in the building.

    “Mordi,” Anna said in her monotone voice, “What would you like to eat?” When no answer arrived, she asked again.

    With a flick of her ears, the espeon chimera opened one of her eyes to start at the commonborne standing in front of her with a bowl fill with an assortment of food. With a yawn, she replied through telepathy, Some pokepuffs please. Maybe one that is a bit dry and sweet. Anna nodded in understandment before entering the back room of the store. Now left alone to herself once more, the chimera reposition herself to get some sleep.

    Her sleep didn’t last long though. With a sound like that of snapping of thick lumber planks, Mordi found herself wide awake. A quick glance at the clock showed that it was well past reopening time. Outside she could see several onlookers either waiting to enter and shop or were draw in by the loud noise that had woken her up. Picking herself up, she went to the backroom.

    What she found there was a complete mess. Batter splattered the walls and ceiling. The floor was covered with ruin pokepuff batter that was recently knocked over. Ingredients were spoiled by the mess or just unusable scraps.

    Anna herself was covered from the chest up with batter. The stone face woman remained still as if the mere act of looking away would trigger another explosion of batter from the bowl she was working with.

    What happen? Mordi asked as her psychic powers brought up a towel to clean the storekeeper.

    “The previous batters were not forming properly,” she replied pointing to the spilled pots. “I then decided to try adding something that would help it stick together.”

    I am sure you aren’t supposed to mix the batter over a stove top, the chimera replied.

    Anna reached for a book that was also covered in the failed attempt at baking. “But that is what this book says I should do.” Taking the book and cleaning the batter off the best she could, Mordi soon discover the root of all of Anna’s problems. The cover of the book and many of the recipes in it never mentions pokepuffs at all. Instead it said poffins.

    How about we not reopen for the rest of the day and we go out to get some puffs from the bakery down the road? the Pokémon asked, gently setting the in one of the few areas where the batter didn’t attack.

    “But what about the mess?” the woman asked as she was lead out of the backroom.

I’ll have the unowns take care of it. Mordi replied.

Word Count: 506 Words
Correct Spelling & Grammar?: No
Items: N/A
Mordi | Espeon/Typhlosion/Mamoswine: Major
Anna| PC: Major

"I am completing the Kingdom's Challenge Mini Objective 28!"
Valekivi Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Word Count: 506

Mordi gained 2 HP, 4 Defense, 9 Sp. Attack, 9 Sp. Defense.
Mordi has earned 24 stat points! Mordi gained 4 levels!

Pokemon of Choice (Anna) gained 7 Attack, 6 Defense, 10 Sp. Defense, 7 Speed.
Pokemon of Choice (Anna) has earned 30 stat points! Pokemon of Choice (Anna) gained 6 levels!

Trainer earned 83 Trinities.
Pkmn-Freak Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016
Extra Stats go to Mordi
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