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    [Easy does it, I'm not as young as I used to be,] Primbelle stated as the harness was strapped on to her midsection. Understanding her tone at the very least, Howard eased up on the harness.

    [Doesn't it hurt?] Vinn asked as he sat and watched the process.

    The primal miltank scratched between his ears as she replied, [A little, but I’ve been doing this for a long time. It has become second nature to me.]

    Awe sat in the brightly colored eevee’s eyes as he exclaimed, [You're so tough Mrs. Primbelle!]

    The usage of such mannerisms caught the glowing Pokémon off guard. Laughing hard she scratched the young onlooker once more. [I haven't had anyone call me that in all my years.]

    [Why’s that? I’m sure everyone has seen you being so strong,] Vinn commented, head tilted in confusion.

    [Not that sweetie,] the cattle Pokémon replied, [I mean no one has called me Mrs. in a long while. It kind of brought me back to my old days back at the farm.]

    [That’s right, you used to work at Sawsbuck Ranch!] the eevee shouted to which the miltank nodded in agreement. [Can you tell me a story about it?]

    “Alright Primbelle, move it out!” Howard ordered as the two siblings climbing into the wagon. Rolling her shoulders, the primal Pokémon threw her weight forward and the wheels began to turn slowly. Vinn and Howard walked alongside her on both sides.

    [About the story Mrs. Primbelle?] Vinn asked as he trotted alongside her,

    [Certainly,] Primbelle responded as she watched where she placed her feet. [Hrmm. What would make a good story.]

    [How about one about your earlier years?] the eevee asked.

    She thought the topic over a bit as they near the first of many stops the brother and sister duo had planned. Upon arriving to their first stop, she finally discovered the story she wanted to tell.

    [It was my first winter there,] she began watching as the siblings unloaded their goods, [I had made several good friends by then including this one swanna name Margaret. Margaret and I were pretty close. Well with her being a swanna you can probably assume that winter wasn’t very fun for her.]

    [What you two do then to beat the cold?] Vinn asked.

    She laughed as her memory brought forth her experience, [Well, the ranch had this old cellar that ran underneath Buck’s house. But since I thought it wasn’t in use, I decided to try and hide her in it for the winter. Of course when all the other swannas and duckletts overheard, they wanted in. So image me leading this group of Pokémon through the first snowfall of the year toward an Harvestborne home which is already half buried in the ground. And my objective was a cellar that was buried, underneath that.]

    [How did it go?] the eevee asked once more as they started moving again.

    [Pretty fine to begin with,] she replied, [But when we arrived at the cellar, we discovered a linoone pack had burrow its way into the very same cellar. So we had two groups of Pokémon trying to find warmth in the same cellar. On one hand, the linoones claim that they got their first so they had the right to the cellar. On the other hand, though, the swannas and myself included claimed that since they lived at the farm, they had the right to the cellar. It was a total mess.]

    [What did you do?] he asked fully engrossed into the story that he wandered right into a lamp post.

    “Watch where you are going you little tike!” Howard said as he scooped up the dazed Pokémon.

    [Are you alright little one?] Primbelle asked, scratching the shiny Pokémon behind the ears again.

    Shaking the stars out of his eyes, Vinn replied with a wide grin. [I’ll be fine, Mrs. Primbelle. Can you finish the story?]

    [Certainly sweetie,] she replied with a caring smile, [Now where was I?]

    [There were linoones in the cellar and both groups were arguing,] he pointed out.

    [Ah right, you asked what I did next. Well you see because of all the noise we were making, it was enough to wake up Buck and had him come inspect what was going on. When he found us the fighting had already broken out. I think there was at least a pair of zigzagoons tried chewing through my grassy patches. That or they were hungry, I can’t really remember that bit.]

    [I bet Buck really angry with you guys,] Vinn stated.

    Much to his surprise though, the primal Pokémon laughed before replying, [Truth is he thanked us.] Seeing the confused expression on the young Pokémon’s face, she erupted into a fit of laughter that drew many eyes towards them and the wagon that she pulled.

    [Granted it was after we gave us a bit of his harsh tongue,] she admitted after she calmed down. [But you see, that cellar that we tried to sneak into was a food storage that he was going to use that winter. If we didn’t draw attention to it, we would have loss a huge portion of food and might have had starved a bit this winter.]

    [So in a strange turn of events, everything worked out?]

    [Correct,] the miltank replied as she slowed down for another stop. [Actually not everything. When Buck spotted the linoones, he went and had us expel them from the farm. That and the fact that the swannas and duckletts still ended up sleeping in their drafty shack. But hey. at least it could have been worse.]

    After being set down on the wagon so his trainer could assist in unloading a heavy box, Vinn replied, [That was a great story. You wouldn’t mind telling me another one, would you?]

    Mulling over the idea in her mind, [I would be happy to tell you another story. I think we still have plenty of delivery to make before the day is over.]

    Excited, the shiny Pokémon jumped up on to her shoulder. [Thank you Mrs. Primbelle. Thank you so much.]

    [Not a problem,] she replied, scratching him between the ears again.


"This Submission is for Week 24's Weekly Quest!"

Word Count:
1030 words
Correct Spelling & Grammar?:Yes
Primbelle | Primal Miltank:
Vinn | Shiny Eevee: Major
MarbleSplotch Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016  Hobbyist
For completing Week 24's Weekly Quest, you earn 800 Trins and a Mystery Berry!

Word Count: 1030

Primbelle gained 16 HP, 5 Attack, 2 Defense, 11 Sp. Attack, 6 Sp. Defense.
Primbelle has earned 40 stat points! Primbelle gained 8 levels!

Vinn gained 12 HP, 5 Attack, 3 Defense, 4 Sp. Attack, 11 Sp. Defense, 4 Speed.
Vinn has earned 39 stat points! Vinn gained 7 levels!

Trainer earned 126 Trinities.
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Submitted on
June 17, 2016
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