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Reference-Patrick O'Brain by Pkmn-Freak Reference-Patrick O'Brain by Pkmn-Freak
Name: Patrick O'Brain
Character Stats: Player
Race; Wardborne
Types: Grass/Fire/Steel
Gender: Male
Birthday: Shayminous 17th
Age: 34
Height: 8'6"
Personalty: A queit person who is decitcated to his god.
Kingdom of Residence: Keyma


Raised in a shaymin temple, Patrick was always one devoted to religion, believing it to be the path to enlightenment. Once he reached the age of twenty, the wardborne man set out a missionary journey, hoping to spread his deity's influence across the growing realms. Always seen as the traveling priest, he would always be spotted cooking food for the homeless or hungry with what every eatable he could find. During the feather riots and the following devastation of the legendary bird's freedom, he was on the ground healing the wounded and feeding those unable to feed themselves. Now the gods of destruction calmed for the time being, he has gone back to traveling. Once he heard of the new shrine to his deity and the appearance of two of his children there as well, he knew he had to visit Keyma. Upon arriving at the island kingdom, he was draw in by the peaceful atmosphere and the beautiful landscape. But what drew his attention more was the numerous adventures that would return hurt or hungry. Seeing the need for someone his skills, he requested to stay at the local shrine and with the help of Grace, Wick’s leading shaymin, he started up a soup kitchen there to feed the hungry.

FishBatDragonThing Featured By Owner May 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Finished Art, Fullbody x1, Color x1, Word Count: 211, PC

Pokemon of Choice (O'Brain) gained 5 HP, 6 Attack, 11 Defense, 12 Sp. Defense.
Pokemon of Choice (O'Brain) has earned 34 stat points! Pokemon of Choice (O'Brain) gained 6 levels!

Trainer earned 61 Trinities.
Pkmn-Freak Featured By Owner May 21, 2016
These are going to Gallant!
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