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Reference-DK-Samuel Illuusio by Pkmn-Freak Reference-DK-Samuel Illuusio by Pkmn-Freak

Name: Samuel Illuusio

Gender: Male

Age: 39 Appears - 39 Actual

Species: Zoroark Gijinika

Strong Suit: Battler that uses Dark, Fire and Rock types.

Role: Lord of the Pale Moon Realm.

Presonalty: Samuel is what other would call a calculating mind, always thinking about something wither it be how to proceed with the current battle at hand or what to have for dinner. Because of this, he is consider the most confident battler in the Pale Moon Realm despite confidence not always equaling in victory. But on the flip side though, his thought process tends to extend beyond the current conversation he is in. When these moments happen, he ends up making himself look like an idiot. Because of this he makes use of his Zoroark's abilities to shift into different people in order to maintain the aura of a cool-headed and proud leader and not the dumb ass that those closest to him know him to be at times. Speaking of those close to him, his family is tends to remain that the estate that was built for them but some say that his children tend to sneak out of the house at times...

Kingdom Blurb:
The Pale Moonstone Kingdom, or Pale Moon Realm as it is called by the locals is a small monarchy located on the fringe of the collective kingdoms. But don't let the appearant isolation fool you as the realm is home to plenty of dedicated battlers that train themselves and their Pokémon to peak performance. Under the ever present moon, Pokémon battles are waged daily to strengthen the bonds of Pokémon and trainers. Samuel monitors his home carefully, hoping for the years of training his people went through never have to be put to use.

Edit: Whoops I forgot to put this in. bdg222 Was so helpful with making the sketch and Line Art for this Character. I on the other hand put the color into the piece as well as did the Background.
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