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Reference-Bree by Pkmn-Freak Reference-Bree by Pkmn-Freak
Bree Jessie | PC: Fullbody, Color
This Image was made by MephiNo, Trins goes to them.

Name: Bree Jessie-Virtanen
Character Stats: PC
Types: Grass/Fire/Psychic
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 7Th
Age: 6
Height: 3'7"
Personalty: Very Engergetic



Bree is the child born out of the wedlock between Wick and Saundra, and is very aware of that despite her age. Living with her mother until recently, the young half-elf had never image the chance to meet her father. Because of this she ended up living by her mother's standards, even down to learn the art of the sword. But the moment she heard that she was finally going to meet her father, she began to reject the life style forced upon her and her old home (So young and such a rebel already). Now at Keyma the little girl is dead set on being one of the many explorers of Keyma and help explore the uncharted island, much to both of her parent's dismay. Because of his work and his "wife's" nagging, Wick is hardy able to be part of his child's life and is completely unable to ensure her safety. To try to calm on of his fears, he assigns the Pokémon Betty to be his daughter's nurse/caretaker. Not wanting to be saddle down, Bree takes any time she can to ditch the audino who just wants to help. Despite being the princess to two different kingdoms (more like a Kingdom and a city-state), she hardly has any desires to take the throne in the future, preferring the life of adventuring.

Word Count: 224 Words
Correct Spelling & Grammar?: No
Saundra | PC: Major, Full Body, Color
Shiningstarofwinter Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
"Word Count: 224

Pokemon of choice (Bree) gained 4 Attack, 3 Sp. Attack.
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Finished Art - Fullbody, Color x1

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Pkmn-Freak Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016
giving these stats to her nurse Betty
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