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Reference-Anna by Pkmn-Freak Reference-Anna by Pkmn-Freak
Name: Anna
Species: Human
Type: Player Character
Kingdom: Keyma


Background: Anna is quite the oddity among the folks that operate the city. When she was not but a child, she fell into a ruin inhabited by the unown. No one knows what happen there, but when her parents found her there the next day she had tear stains running over her face. Since then she developed a habit of staring blankly at people, Pokemon, and items alike. Rumors spread saying that she was possessed by the unown that day, other say that they showed her the horrors of the world. Either way though, people avoid her when they can. Expect for Wick... Despite the warnings that others gave him, the young man became good friends with her. Then he gave her the right to open up a store in his city when he founded it. Now in the present day, the Unown Emporium, is one of the best spots for everyday purchases for explorers, trainers and everyday shoppers. It's one of the only stores in the city that allow purchases made by Pokemon too.

Gender: Female
Finished or Sketch?: Finished
Anna | PC: 1 Full Body, 1 Color, 174 words, Proper Grammar & No Misspellings
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novastartherapter Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018
! I had no idea she was an actual character in a group--
FishBatDragonThing Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Finished Art, Fullbody x1, Color x1, Word Count: 174, PC

Pokemon of Choice (Anna) gained 3 HP, 4 Defense, 10 Sp. Attack, 5 Sp. Defense, 7 Speed.
Pokemon of Choice (Anna) has earned 29 stat points! Pokemon of Choice (Anna) gained 5 levels!

Trainer earned 84 Trinities.

Poor Anna- hopefully she enjoys running her store, sounds like she's had a bit of a rough time with the Unown.  x'D
Pkmn-Freak Featured By Owner Edited Mar 24, 2016
Give the stats to Mordi Please

There is a bit of a story on her creation. She is based on a character in a Pokemon Table Top Adventure game that never happened. In it she has Mystic powers and when the unown found her in their ruins, they decided to use her as an "avatar" to interact with humans and what not, even sending on of their own to follow her and to act as a beckon of sorts to channel their power to her. Slight problem in their plan though, what happens when you have over a million different voices inside one head (even though the Unown are a bit of a hive mind)? Answer, Twitch Plays Pokemon scenario. While she did have control over her movements most of the time, I was going to roleplay her doing the most random of things at awkward times. It would have been really fun.
Aurigael Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
she looks really nice, well done :- )
Pkmn-Freak Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2016
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March 23, 2016
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