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Prayer for Henrie by Pkmn-Freak Prayer for Henrie by Pkmn-Freak
Finished or Sketch?: Finished
Renki | Dragon/Dark+ Umbreon:
Fullbody, Color, Semi-BG

Tag Being Used: Blank Prayer Tag
Legendary: Ho-oh

This is a bit late by my standards but, when I heard the news of Fishbat's passing I promised that I was going to do an image to my repect. So here it is, Renki (umbreon is my favorite pokemon (aside from eevee)) crying himself to sleep at the feet of a staute to Ho-oh. In realms for those who don't know, Ho-oh represents rebrith which is very fitting as I personally believe more with the idea of rencaration of the soul and out there in our world, the spirit of our community's great big ball of energy and laughter has inhabited a newly born child. I was orignaly going to use Giratina as he represents moving on and I was going to show that losing Fishbat hasn't brought me to a stand still. But I was conviced to pray to Ho-oh instead because that was Fishbat's favorite legendary and as stated above I found that Ho-oh's portfoilo is a much brighter and happier tone than Giratina which is something Fishbat always tried to bring to our commuity of artist, storytellers and goofballs alike. I am aware that Renki is crying and to be honest that is what I felt when I heard the new. I felt like just curling up into a ball and crying until my eyes dried out. While do try to stay strong for those around me, I can easily cry when I feel hurt and this passing was equaliant to losing a limb. But, after so much time has passed, I'm ready to face the new day. And while that peice of me will never grow back and I cry when I think about the pain, I know that Fishbat will be with the commuity even if her soul is beginning a new life.
MephiNo Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Finished Art - Fullbody, Color, Detailed BG x1

Renki gained 2 Attack, 2 Defense, 7 Sp. Attack, 5 Sp. Defense, 11 Speed.
Renki has earned 27 stat points! Renki gained 5 levels!

Trainer earned 50 Trinities.

You gain +6 Reputation with Ho-Oh.

You scavenged 1 Pokeball, 1 Bijou

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September 24, 2016
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