Poke-nappers in the night

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Published: November 13, 2018

    A scream through the moonlit streets alerted Alkes to the trouble that was foot. Climbing out of the water and onto the dock, he looked around, trying to find the source of the panic. He wasn’t alone though was candles started to be lit as the humans woke up to investigate the source of the distress.

    Another scream echoed from another corner of the city. With a scowl, he started running off towards the source. Telling the difference between a woman’s and man’s voice, he deduced that there must be multiple sources of disturbances. How many though he didn’t know.

    A child’s cry caused him to halt and look up. Crawling out of a window was clearing a pokemon. It’s dark body made it hard for him to figure out what kind of pokemon but he was able to tell the difference between it and the brightly colored bundle of another pokmeon that it had. Quickly inhaling, he blew out a spray of snow. It splashed on the poke-napper, taking its attention away from the window it climbed out of and down on the chimera.

    The figure dropped down to the ground shortly afterwards, flashing a set of claws with its free arm. Tucked underneath the other one was clearly a shiny espurr, wiggling in a desperate hope it could break free. With a sneer, the sneasel bolted down the street only to be stopped as Alkes fired off a water gun in its path.

    Turning on its heel, the napper started running at the chimera instead. Accepting the challenge Alkes charged forward, hoping to use his larger bulk to easily knock the sneasel down. Instead though, the agile pokemon jumped up and bounced off the chimera’s head. Whipping his head around, the sneasl was already running away with espurr still in arm.

    Chasing after him, Alkes cried out to the onlookers that began to exit their homes. Many instandly retreated out of the way, letting the large pokemon to barrel down the cobblestone road. Some looked around, spotting the sneasel and tried to stop it. The poke-napper easky dodged around the slower human, but it was evident that it would not be able to escape its pursuer by staying on the ground by dodging the bystanders. Running to the side of the nearest building, it started to climb up the brick walls.

    Alkes saw this and began to fire water guns, hitting the wall around the napper instead of the pokemon itself. While the wet stone and constant attacks would have made it hard to climb, the sharp claw of the sneasel helped it hold fast under the torrential assault. The barrage of attacks allowed Alkes to close the gap between the two of them.

    Once he was roughly underneath, Alkes shouted up, [Release the espurr! And give yourself up!] He followed up with another water gun just above the thief. The napper, sneered again at the larger pokemon, sticking out its tongue in response.

    Meanwhile the espurr, crying all throughout its experience, started using its tiny arms to beat on the sneasel’s arm. The thieving pokemon paid no heed, making its captive cry even more. Finally fed up with the exchange, the espurr opened its ears, unleashing it’s psychic powers. The following wave of power caused the wall the sneasel was holding on to to crumble, dragging both of them down to the ground in a hail of masonry stone.

    The humans, in a panic, fled from the raining destruction but Alkes held his ground. Eyes tracking the falling two pokemon, he charged through the falling stone. Brick and mortar bounced off his flesh and shell alike, scaring the former. Reaching out with his mouth, he grabbed the poke-napper by its free arm. With both pokemon, he ran them out of the range of the crumbling building before dropping the sneasel onto the ground and placing a foot on it back.

    [Releash the espurr now,] he told the poke-napper, applying pressure on to its backside. With a disgusted moan, the sneasel released its captive. The young pokemon took a bit before it realized it was free before it ran around its savior and hid behind his leg.

    A call out from nearby brought Alkes’s attention toward a young elf woman. Knowing who it was, Alkes leaned down to the sneasel and said, [We will figure out what your goal was.] The sneasel rolled its eyes in response.

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Alkes | Lapras/Amaura/Deerling: 739 words
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Written -739 Words with Spelling + Grammar

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