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    <Must we do this?> Mordi asked as she was guided through the crowd. The Mareepdog Trials were in full swing and the Keymain leaders were planning to put their best foot forward. Anna along with the displeased espeon at her side were on their way to the area where the Defending Trail was being held.

    “We are here to represent Keyma,” the stone face human replied as she glided through the packed area behind the stands.

    <I wytiwyg="1" understand that,> she retorted with a sigh, <But why couldn’t we have Squire or Agon take my spot? For the love of the Gods, Squire would be perfect for this.>

    “Wick wanted us to take this event,” her trainer countered, “He mention that you would be perfect for this trial specifically.” The commonbrone merchant opened a door that lead into the waiting room.

    <Remind me to thank him properly next time we see him,> the psychic Pokémon commented as she walked into the crowded room. Inside where the other competitors who were keeping to themselves as they prepared their Pokémon. One of the competing hounds scuffed as he saw the narcoleptic Pokémon walk by.

    The beast’s owner saw her too and laughed. “I think you’re in the wrong trial ma’am. You’re espeon does look it can hold herself up. How do you think it will fair in the trial?”

    <Permission to throw him out a nearby window?> Mordi asked telepathically.

    “No you may not,” Anna replied loud enough for the others hear her.

    The man looked down at his chimera who return the glance with a confused stare of his own. “She’s out of her mind,” he commented.




    “Ladies and Gentleman!” the announcer shouted bringing attention from the stands down to him. “It’s time for our next contestant. Anna and her espeon, Mordi!” On que, they two of walked out of the waiting room and on to the open field. Several of the attendees watching started chuckling at the clear lack of intimidation that the other competitors had.

    <They are all laughing at me,> the espeon noted as she trotted alongside the commonbrone.

    “Then I would suggest that you try to ignore them,” Anna replied not even looking down at her Pokémon. “If you still can’t tune them out, you could try to upstage them.”

    <And how do you expect me to upstage them?> Mordi deadpanned.

    “That is your duty to figure out,” the human replied as they parted to their own positions.

    Upon arriving to her position next to the mareep she was supposed to guard, the psychic Pokémon noted that it seemed oblivious to the situation it was in. Munching on the grass around it, the sheep Pokémon just stared blankly into the distance. Curious, Mordi poked the mareep in its side.

    [Please don't do that,] he said finally looking at her.

    <Ah, so you are aware of what is going on,> she replied.

    [I am,] he retorted with a scoff. [I’ve been doing this for way too long. Judging by the way you look, I’m going to be covered in powder in no time.]

    Sighing in disappointment, she responded with, <Can everyone stop judging me by my appearance?>

    [Not my fault that you look like pink blade of grass,] he sassed. Feeling her temper rising, Mordi closed her eyes and tried to mentally block out the judgmental comments.

    “It looks like they are ready to begin,” the announcer shouted before gesturing toward the far end of the field. “Release the ursaring!”

    From a hidden doorway the large bear Pokémon lumbered forth. It scanned the field before locking eyes onto the two smaller Pokémon before.

    [Alright missy, you're up,] the mareep said taking a step back. But Mordi didn't move but remained in her meditative posture. [Hey, espeon you're going to lose if you don't move to stop him.] Poking her slightly in the shoulder resulted in her head rolling from looking up at the sky to hanging down.

    “Oh no!” the spokesperson shouted, “It seem contestant Mordi has fallen asleep on her own! It's easy pickings for the ursaring!”

    With the larger Pokémon on them, the mareep resorted to using the sleeping espeon as a shield forcing the bear to swing around her to try to hit him. Getting quickly fed up with the game, the ursaring took its powdered paw and batted Mordi across the face sending her flying across the field.

    Being rudely awaken, Mordi climbed back up on her feet. As she tried to fix her coat see spotted the flour that had covered the ursaring’s paw. Remembering where see was, she scanned the field to find her ward pinned in a corner by the bear.

    Summoning all of her psychic powers, she reached out and pulled the ursaring back as it was about to land a hit on the mareep. The force slammed the bear on the ground. Mordi threw out more of her psychic powers to pin it to the ground. Once she was sure it wouldn’t move, she walked up to the Pokémon’s head and said, <Never hit me if I’m asleep.> With that said, she remained at the bear’s side until the time ran out.

    “That was very well done,” Anna stated as the espeon returned to her side afterwards, “Wick placed his trust in you correctly.”

    <Remind me to thank him properly next time I see him,> she replied looking mildly annoyed.




    “Are you ready, Renki?” Wick asked as he looked into his Pokémon’s eyes. The two of them stood on the field set aside for the Herding Trial. The alchemized umbreon was replied with a nod and a flick of his tail. Thanks to an added length of leather, the flick resulted with a loud snap. “Alright then, remember how we practice, kite around them so they stay close to each other. Use the snap to help the group make tight turns. And don’t forget taking a rest when needed.” With another nod Renki trotted away toward his starting position by a pen where three mareeps waited.

    “It seems that Wick and Renki are ready to begin,” the announcer shouted. At his signal the pen was opened. At once, Renki behind the pen and flicked his tail hard. The resulting snap spooked the three of them out of the pen and running toward the first gate with the umbreon right on their heels. From his position, Wick sent out series of whistles guiding his Pokémon through each motion that it took. The first gate went by quickly as Renki curved the mareeps through the post, hugging the inside turn. From there he served behind them, driving them toward the next set of post.

    Right before they entered, the commonbrone let out a low whistle, signaling his Pokémon to stop. As commanded, Renki dropped to his belly. The mareep sensing their pursuer had ceased the pursuit slowed through the gate and stop just on the other side of it. Prompted by another call, the umbreon started to move once more. Moving between the sheep Pokémon and the fence, he took a lower stance that increased his threatening appearance. The mareep moved away from as slowly as he creeped on him.

    Then with another snap of his tail, the chase was on as the four Pokémon took off through another gate. Moving along the outside of the field the herding lead his charges through the course, snapping his tail whenever the mareeps showed signs of slowing down.

    Eventually it became time to bring the mareeps back to their pens. Curving around the trio of mareeps, Renki lined them up with the pen’s opening. Then with a final flick of his tail he charged the group. Startled once more the sheep Pokémon rushed into the pen. As the last one crossed the threshold, Wick called out for his Pokémon to stop again. Dropping to his belly the alchemized Pokémon halted and watched as the trials officials closed the pen up for the next round.




    “Way to go Renki!” Wick congratulated his Pokémon as they left the trial arena. Happy with his own performance, his Pokémon flicked his tail again. Without the extra length on his tail the snap he had become used to never came. But that didn’t seem to both the umbreon a bit.

    Stopping to look at a time chart, the human spoke, “Your mother should be in doing her trial right now. How about we meet up with her and be both go see your son take on the agility trial?” With a nod of approval, the two of them left for the Defending Trial.




    “All righty Vinn, you ready to show your stuff?” Howard asked as he carried his eevee out onto the field. The two of them had waited for their turn for the Agility Trial since the sun reached its peak. Now hours afterward, they finally had their chance.

    Ready to begin his challenge, Vinn bounced in his trainer’s arms as they approached the starting point to the obstacle course. It was a simple course with jumps, slalom poles and a few ramps mixed into the course. But the major threats to destroying his time were the long jump and the wall jump. The former was just as it sounded, a set up that forced the Pokémon to put everything into one single jump in hopes to cover it. The wall jump was a set up that had the contestant trying to leap off one wall onto another before jumping once again onto raise platform.

    A few Pokémon complained that they couldn’t make the long jump it back in the waiting room. But that compared to the complaints about the wall jump portion even though who did well on it.

    Leaping out of his trainer’s arm, Vinn got into his starting position. The announcer for the trial took a quick looked between the two of them before turning to the crowd. “It seems that our contestants are ready for their trial!” He paused for a moment to give the audience a chance to applause before raising a hand. Dropping it, the shiny eevee took off toward the course. Starting the run was a series of small jumps that he cleared easily.

    Following the jumps came a shallow ramp that Vinn ran right over without a second beat and into the slalom. As he weaved through them he felt one rub along his side. Biting his lip, he pressed onto the next set of small jumps. Clearing them he turned sharply, lining up for the long jump. Pushing everything into his legs, he charged at the jumps. Judging the distance, he had, he finally jumped clearing the beginning portion by a body length. But as he dropped back to the ground, he felt a foot tap the very edge of the set up. Not looking back, he hopped up onto another ramp.

    Running down the slope he reached the dreaded wall jump. Upon entering the obstacle, he ran up the first wall a short bit before jumping. Twisting his body, he landed onto the second wall. Using his momentum, he pushed off again to try and make the next jump. But he jumped shallow. While he got his front paws on the ledge, the rest of his body failed to follow and he ended up slamming into the wall. Biting his teeth, he climbing his way up and pushed on ahead. All that was left was another slalom and a jump that he passed through with little problem.

    Upon landing from his last jump, Howard rushed over to scoop him up. “Great job little one!” he shouted holding him up high. “Don’t worry about your mistakes. Next year you’ll get them without a problem.” Encourage by his trainer’s words, the eevee gave a pleased cry.




    “Why did I agree to this?” Katie as she sat among a herd of mareep lambs. Every one of them were bouncing around, zapping each other or the half-elf. With a sigh she picked up one that was nuzzling her leg and placed it on her lap. Please with its new seat, the lamb made itself comfortable. Static ran up the explorer’s body and in no time her hair started to stand up.

    Taking the hair brush she had set off to the side, she attempted to bring the gravity defining hair back down. The mareep on lap saw the brush and cried out.

    Used to the routine, she pulled the brush out her hair. Arm sore, she began brushing the thicker wool. While it wasn't as bad as the wool the mareeps involved with the trails had, it still proved a challenge to pull the brush across the lamb’s back.

    It wasn't long before the other lambs saw the brush as well and began begging for their turn. Sighing once more, Katie muttered, “You own me one Wick.” Gently pushing the lamb on her lap off, she reached for the next mareep and repeated the process.


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Word Count: 901, PC

Pokemon of Choice (Anna) gained 8 Attack, 12 Defense, 15 Sp. Attack, 9 Sp. Defense.
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Trainer earned 390 Trinities.
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