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Landmark: The Ocean Jewel by Pkmn-Freak Landmark: The Ocean Jewel by Pkmn-Freak

The Ocean Jewel
A massive quartz crystal roughly .5 kilometers in diameter, the Ocean Jewel is treated by the sailors of Keyma as an unofficial shrine to Kyogre. As such, those seeking a safe journey on the open seas often toss offerings of food into the sea. It is believed that the closer your gift gets to the Jewel, the greater the blessing you’ll receive. While most prayers are offered from the shore, those seeking greater protection will sail out to the Jewel’s location to make the offering. Some are even brave enough to swim down to Jewel itself with the aid of water Pokémon and place their gifts on the crystal. Due to the pirate raids along the trade route, offerings from the merchants heading to the mainland have diminished. The reason being is that the land route has been proven safer for the time being. Only the sailors and most fervent believers still offer their prayers.

The Jewel itself was discovered early in the kingdom's life by the head of Keyma's Naval Branch, Howard. During the early days of settling the shore, the forgeborne captain was investigating the waters between the islands. A sudden calm took over the ship, leaving it stranded. As he ordered the lifeboats lowered to tow his ship back to port, he spotted the crystal through the clear waters. After sending crews down to investigate and marked the location of the Jewel, the wind returned. Ever since that day, the Ocean Jewel hasn't been seen from the surface.

Since the discovery, reports of thieves targeting the Jewel have been appearing. These misguided souls would often try to swim down to the crystal in attempts to break off a piece of the landmark. Most attempts resulted with the thieves being chased off by the local Pokémon. Others tried to steal a piece of the rock only to be caught in the act. Those who manage to avoid both hazards still return empty handed. Upon their arrest, they reported that the crystal refused to chip, let alone break apart. Despite the failures, Wick has ordered the marker bouey removed and the exact location left to those he can trust. These trusted few are allowed to take those wishing to make a prayer to Kyogre out to the crystal.

The geography around the Ocean Jewel is as much of an anomaly as the crystal itself. The landscape appears to be broken by a impressive force. The rocks that surrounds it point upwards, forming a ring of teeth of sorts. The crystal itself remains untouched but these “teeth” have been set upon by time as life, both pokemon and plant, moved in, claiming the stones as their home.. It worth to take note that Jewel itself appears to continue underneath the outer ring. No investigation has been conducted to prove this by the combined order of Wick and Howard. The former’s being that it might draw in more attention from thieves wanting to plunder the Jewel while the latter believes it would displeased the Ocean God.

Word Count: 505 Words
Correct Spelling & Grammar?: No
Finished or Sketch?: Finished
Alexandra | Feebas/Elekid: 1 Full Body, 1 Color, Complex Background
Pistol | Remoraid:1 Full Body, 1 Color, Complex Background
demonicrose Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Finished Art, Fullbody x1, Color x1, Complex BG x1

Alexandra gained 10 HP, 5 Attack, 8 Sp. Attack, 3 Speed.
Alexandra has earned 26 stat points! Alexandra gained 5 levels!

Finished Art, Fullbody x1, Color x1, Complex BG x1

Pistol gained 3 HP, 8 Attack, 6 Defense, 2 Sp. Defense.
Pistol has earned 19 stat points! Pistol gained 3 levels!

Finished Art, Fullbody x1, Color x1, Complex BG x1, Word Count: 505

Pokemon of Choice gained 11 HP, 4 Defense, 6 Sp. Defense.
Pokemon of Choice has earned 21 stat points! Pokemon of Choice gained 4 levels!

Trainer earned 150 Trinities.

Kingdom earned 1 Prestige
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