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Landmark: Gallant's Home by Pkmn-Freak Landmark: Gallant's Home by Pkmn-Freak
Gallant’s Home

If it wasn’t for the Pokémon that took residence there, Gallant’s Home would be just another rock formation in the Pristine Woodlands. Stuck in the ground just below the canopy of trees, the stone is the largest of its kind north of the mountain range. Its height combined with the thick moss growing on the upper reaches of it prevents it from being easily spotted from the sky. The surrounding area comprises mostly of a small clearing and a stream that bends around the area. The rock itself contains several caves which the infamous chimera and his family rest in. During his primary investigation of the location, Eilert concluded that the caves were dug out by Gallant himself and expanded them to fit his growing family. Curiously, there are more caves dug out of the stone structure than necessary for the current amount of Pokémon living there.

The location of this place was unknown before Gallant’s reign of terror as the explorers prefered to stay near coastline. Once he began, teams started to look deeper in hopes to flush him out. But the efforts were either countered by false trails laid out by his family or by the woodlands itself. It was only discovered by Eilert who, at the time was considered a low ranking explorer, stayed out in the woodlands for multiple days. He followed every trail that was set out to trick him and traced them back to the chimera’s home. With Gallant’s base of operations located, the Exploration branch began to prepare a raid. The attack however, was canceled when news of Wick and Maxiums’s victory over Gallant reached their ears.

Now even with Gallant pacified for the time being, it is heavily recommended to avoid going near the place to explorers both new and old. The Exploration branch’s reasoning behind this that they fear the peace being only temporary and they want to make sure the teams do not break the uneasy truce. Only those of high ranking position within the Keyma government or those with written permission are allowed to enter if only for official business with the residences.

During the most recent census taken by Eilert, the current Pokémon living there aside from Gallant are his children, his mentor and his children. They are as followed: Fern, an Absol chimera with a purple coat. Heist, a Treecko chimera that resembles her father the most out of any of Gallant’s children. Tony, a Gible chimera that is believe to be Gallant’s heir if anything happens to him. Gwen, another Treecko chimera that likes to stare off in the distance. Siren, a Meowth chimera that is actually Gallant’s mate daughter rather than his own (note that she seems to not like the idea of sleeping in a rock house a lot). Capt’n Crunch, a Carnivine chimera that tends to sleep in the stream rather than the caves. Moxie, a Sandile that tends to sunbath in the little light that cuts through the canopy. Plesi: a Cranidos chimera that likes to use her hips rather than her head to attack with.

Word Count: 518 Words
Correct Spelling & Grammar?: No
Finished or Sketch?: Finished
Gallant's Home | Landmark: Color, Complex Background
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