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    Three houses, tied together by blood in generations pass. The Raggoras, worshipers of the landshaper Groudon, claim ownership of the kingdom’s western plains. The Blargians, swearing piety to the tidecaller Kyogre, settled on the eastern region. Lastly the Gergories, sending their prayers to the keeper of the sky Rayquaza, hold the lands between the other two.

    When the Kingdom was first formed, it was founded by a trio of wandering nobles. Disposed from their ancestral home and sent to die in the wilds with their followers. But with unity and family bonds they survived and turned the valley and the surrounding lands into their new home and kingdom.

    The oldest, Galvan, and his half-sisters ruled over their people with kindness yet uncertainty. Remi and Belle, born on the same day to different mothers, both to be their bother’s heir. Their bickering could be heard everyday. Fed up with the squabble, Galvan ordered them to move to seperate areas of the kingdom. Following his order, they departed the Capital.

    A year later, the two women marry and establish the other two houses of the kingdom. Remi’s husband, Kal Raggora, was an avid fan of agriculture and praised Groudon for blessing the ground with fertile soil. Owen Blargian, Belle’s husband, was a merchant of renown and gives thanks to Kyogre for calm seas.

    As all three houses started their lineages, the sisters started up their arguments over succession once again. But while the infighting was just noise in the castle, now that they had lands and armies to back them they sought to wage war upon each other.

    Not sure what to do but not wanting to let the fighting begin, Galvan set his troops out to intercept his sisters’ armies. The show of force was enough to quell the sisters’ argument but their hatred for each other remained. And as the years went on, their hatred passed to their children who passed it on to theirs.

    Now into the 4th generation, the three houses still retain the uneasy truce. While the Gergories still hold the kingdom as a whole and with a long line of succession in place, the other two houses debate on who should take over if the leading family were to perish. The arguments would boil over to the mobilization of troops. They would be met with the standing forces of the valley, refusing their access to the other regions. Not wanting to start a war with the king’s men, the houses’ soldiers would be recalled to wait for the next outburst to arise.

    With tensions always on the raise, each house has acquired a sizable army to defend themselves. Each force, vastly different from each other in terms of manpower, equipment, strategy, and skill.

    Espionage plagues each Court with spies and saboteurs lurking behind each and every face. Each inflator would work to break the peace in their favor only have their work undone by someone else. But the reverse is just as common.

    But with all the strife just bubbling under the surface, the poplunce prosper. Domestic trade booms with food and raw materials flow out from the Raggoras’ land into the rest of the kingdom. The Blargians’ massive international trade network brings in rare and exotic goods and filters them out. And the Gergories, with their artisans and craftsmen, take the raw products and turn them into the finest tools and luxuries for the land to share.

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August 22, 2018
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