Bugs in the Castle

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Published: November 13, 2018

    The sound of skittering on stone brought Wisp attention to the forefront, waking her in the process. Looking around, the chimera saw nothing. No servants, no guards, no one outside of her master, the prince, and Valor who were both sleeping. The skittering noise echoed around the room again, sending a chill down her spectoral body. Not believing herself, she woke Valor with a gentle shake of the larger pokemon’s shoulder.

    With a yawn, Valor looked around the room before looking down on the young Wisp. Before she could ask what was going on, the smaller chimera brought a paw up to valor’s mouth, silencing her. It was there that she too heard the skittering. Unnerved both pokemon started looking around trying to find the source.

    It was when Wisp started to look around the cabinets when she saw that a gold cup sliding across the stone wall. Confusion struck the chimera hard as she just pointed at it. Noticing the dumbstruck Wisp, Valor followed her paw toward the sideways cup. Curiosity took over the large chimera as she approached the cup and pulled it off the wall. Underneath the cup was Joltik, small and cute as ever. The pokemon itself continued moving along the wall, not noticing that its burden was removed.

    Both chimeras followed the joltik across the wall toward the door before the joltik finally notice the missing cup. Looking up, it saw the two pokemon looking down at it. In a panic, it fired off a thundershock attack, striking Valor.

    While unfazed from the attack, the attack caused more damage than expected. Aside from waking the prince, the whole room exploded in a swarm of joltiks. The dressers, cabinets, and even from under the bed, the joltiks came crawling out, each one in a panic.

    “What’s going on!” Alphonse shouted as the swarm started climbing out of all the exits of the room. Grabbed in their tiny hands where clothes, treasure, and even some of the pokemon’ toys that were stored away from years ago. “Guards! We’ve been invaded by some pokemon! Seize them!” Taking his blanket, he tossed it over a pocket of the joltiks before pulling it up into a makeshift bag.

    “Valor, Wisp, Take care of the one’s heading out the windows!” the prince commanded. With a nod, the two of them flew out the room, Wisp through the wall while Valor took flight from the balcony. From the outside it look like a yellow tide was pouring from the windows.

    Wisp took the initiative, inhaling before blowing out her powder snow spray. The clumps of snow was able to freeze several patches of the joltik swarm. They lost their grip and fell to the ground like chucks of ice with their stolen goods in tow. The surviving ones scattered, moving out of the wide ranging snow blast.

    That was where Valor swooped in, landing on the wall, and striking at the swarm with tooth and claw. Batting away pockets of the pokemon, sending them flying off into the dark night and toward the courtyard below. Leaping off the wall, she grabbed the falling loot and returned it to Alphonse’s room before returning to the bug cleaning.

    Upon clearing the last pokemon from the castle wall, both Wisp and Valor touched down in the courtyard below among the frozen and bruised joltiks. Alphonse waited for them, hands free from his earlier catch. Behind him was Wick and the castle guards, some half dress, running around, carefully grabbing the tiny pokemon as they fled.

    Lifting several wooden buckets, Alphonse congratulated his pokemon. “Great work you two. Now let’s clean up this mess before sunrise.” Wisp enthusiastically flew around the courtyard, picking up the injured joltiks before returning to her master and dumping them in one of the buckets. Valor on the other hand, carried a bucket of her own and picked them off the ground and stashing them away in it. Upon filling a bucket, servants came by to disposed of the contends to the location better for holding the swarm.

    “Remind me to treat you guys in the morning,” Alphonse said passing off one of the bucket. Both Valor and Wisp cheered in response.

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Word Count: 701
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Valor | Altaria/Salamence/Kommo-o: 701 words
Wisp | Alolan Vulpix/Minior: 701 words
Joltik Swarm | NPC: 701 words
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Written -701 Words with Spelling + Grammar

Valor has gained: 2 Health, 2 Attack, 2 Defense, 3 SpAttack, 3 SpDefense, 3 Speed, for a total of 15 total stat points, and 3 Levels!

Written -701 Words with Spelling + Grammar

Wisp has gained: 3 Health, 2 Attack, 2 SpAttack, 3 SpDefense, 2 Speed, for a total of 12 total stat points, and 3 Levels!

Written -701 Words with Spelling + Grammar

Pokemon of Choice has gained: 8 Attack, 1 Defense, 2 SpAttack, 4 SpDefense, 3 Speed, for a total of 18 total stat points, and 4 Levels!

Trainer receives 144 Tetras!

For completing Objective 2 of Phase 1 of Fearful Frolic 2018, you have gained 300 Tetras
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Bonus stats to Balto
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