Bug Doggo deals with fire

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Published: February 1, 2019

    With a metallic roar, the large pokemon dove forward into its targets. In response the collected dog like pokemon jumped out of the way. Balto was first to recover from his dodge. With a howl he summoned and fired off a barrage of rocks at it. The large chimera turned to face the assault, his manables opening. The rocks bounced off the metallic body with a deafening sound. One rock was even caught within those pincers. Putting in a bit of effort it closed its pincher, crunching the rock in the process.

    Stunned at the ineffectiveness of his attack, Balto watched as Tamera flew buy him. With a cloud of leaves flying behind her, she unlessed a leaf storm attack at the creature but it resulted in even more unless plinks off its armor. In response the larger chimera rushed forward and tackled Tamera out of the air. Rolling out of the landing, Tamera flapped her wings hard sending a gust of wind that didn’t phase the Durant/Furfrou as it lowered its head for another attack.

    Before he could charge for another attack though, Balto lead the other dog chimeras in a charge. Bosco, Amber and Olivine tackled into the dog’s left side as Barley and Balto leaped for it’s head. Flinching from just the weight of the five other pokemon’s combine weight only, the taller pokemon turned his head around to bit down on Balto’s back side. Howling in pain, Balto struggled to escape the powerful attack.

    “That’s enough!” Xir said with a whistle. Slowly walking up to the pack of dog like pokemon, he patted each one on the head. Ending with the tallest pokemon gathered, he added, “You’re true fighter, just as the Alchemist had said.” The chimera let out a snorting like sound as it went to clean itself.

    A light chuckle escape his lips as he added, “And a proudful one to boot.” A quick yip from his side told him that the rest of his pokemon were looking up to him.

    Kneeling down to their height, Xir scratched Bosco’s ears as he added, “You guys did great as well. But once we’re done training this boy, we’re going to doing some training for you guys. But that won’t be until after the tournament is over.”

    “What tournament?” He heard a woman ask from behind him. Standing up and turning around, he locked eyes with Ardnak. The woman was without of her usual armor and weapon but still sported her loyal companion, Tiamat. The chimera was perched on her shoulder, looking over the collected pokemon.

    “The Alchemist tournament, Ardnak,” Xir replied as he check his person. Digging a hand into his pocket, he pulled out flier and showed it to her. Looking over the paper, the woman’s eyes constantly drifted towards the large chimera that Xir was training.

    “What’s that dog with the rear end the size of Val’s family got to do with this tournament?” she asked. The chimera’s attention snapped over to her with disgust.

    “That’s is our entry in this tournament,” Xir reply, glaring at her for the comment she made. “He’s a Furfrou/Durant and is decently durable. I’ve taken a calling him Dragas.” Dragas gave his approval with a nod.

    Letting Tiamat jump off to go play with Balto and the rest of the pack, Ardnak asked, “Can me and Tiamat join? We’ve really been itching for a good battle.” The chimera overheard the comment and barked in response.

    “Submission request are closed at this point,” Xir replied, taking the flier from her. “Besides the tournament states that you select a pokemon they present, not one you bring in.”

    “That’s lame,” Ardnak stated, “so what are you doing here, specifically?”

    While Xir explain the situation to Ardnak, Tiamat and the other pokemon began to mingle. Bosco took to the lizard like dog like a fish to water, both breathing little goits of flames in greetings. Tamera, Olivine and Barley on the other hand merely nodded towards Tiamat before returning to what they were doing. Lastly Balto was too busy interacting with Dragas to greet the newcomer.

    Dragas though gave the flaming tail that Tiamat had one look and took a step back. Intrigue by this, Tiamat took another step toward the larger pokemon. Once again, he took one step back. Mischief on her snout, Tiamat spat a tiny ember of flame toward him. Jumping back with a bark he growl at his harasser.

    Hearing the noise, Ardnak turn to look while saying, “It seems like old Dragas wants to play. How about it Xir? One on one, Dragas versus Tiamat?”

    “It’s true he hasn’t dealt with fire at all, despite Bosco being part tepig,” Xir mulled over the proposition. “But the tournament roster isn’t showing none in the listings.”

    “Who cares,” she replied wrapping an arm around him, “Help him fight his fears now so he doesn’t coward away when its on the line.” With a defeated sigh, Xir agreed.

    Taking positions on either side of the open field, the trainers and their selected pokemon stared each other down for a few seconds. On the sidelines where the rest of Xir’s pokemon and a few onlookers who overheard the noise earlier. With a small flag in her mouth, Tamera raised her long next as far as she could. The fighters tensed up. Tiamat sported her goofy yet cunning grin while Dragas threw daggers at her with his eyes.

    When the flag dropped, Ardnak quickly gave her first command, ordering her pokemon to rush in a scratch attack. In response Dragas reared back, keeping his eyes on the approaching chimera. With a quick metal sheen flashing over his upper body, he dropped down on all fours and brought his head down into the ground. Tiamat, who halted seconds before she would have found herself underneath his iron head, leapt onto his back and began clawing at his fur.

    Unphased by the damage he was taking, he dropped to his side and rolled, knocking off his foe in the process. Recovering from his roll faster, he reached out with his pincers and snagged the smaller chimera’s back. Putting all his force into it, he tossed her skyward.

    Watching the battle unfold in front of her, Ardnak commented, “You know Xir, Bug Bite and Iron Head aren’t that strong against a fire type. Come and give us something that actually hurts.”

    “I should ask the same of you,” Xir countered though knowing that she could call his bluff.

    The mad woman smirked in response before looking up at her pokemon. “Tia! Ember!” Righting herself in midair, the chimera began raining down small pellets of fire. In fear, Dragas leapt back out of the attack. Tiamat landed among the flames on all fours and paused, letting the fire burn around her for some tension. She then fired off another barrage of embers that Dragas avoided.

    As Dragas tried to charge, Tiamat attack with more fire scaring him off. “Follow up and warp him!” Ardnak shouted. Following her order, the chimera rushed forward and got underneath Dragas’s legs. Jumping onto him, she used her long body to wrap around his midsection. Already fearing what was going to happen, Dragas started to buck wildly, trying to shake his unwanted passenger off.

    “Ember again! Point Blank!” Ardnak called. Flames danced inside Tiamat’s mouth as she pressed her nose into Dragas’s body and released. Howling in pain, he reached around and bit down on Tiamat once again. Using his superior strength, he pulled her off and threw her down onto the ground where he proceeded to crunch on her back.

    Not backing down, Tiamat looked his way and blasted his face with embers, making him reel back. Taking the chance she made some distance between the two of them, she continued the ember storm with another attack. Shaken and unable to think, Dragas started to claw at the ground.

    “Dragas! Get out of the way!” Xir shouted. Moments before the flying flames connected with the chimera, Dragas disappeared into the ground. The embers flew over the large hole left in the soil.

    “Tiamat! Watch out!” Ardnak shouted, “He’ll come from beneath you!” The call left Tiamat nervous as she sniffed around, looking for where Dragas would emerge from. Feeling a light tremor under her feet she leapt out of the way. But the moment she touched the ground the tremors would even more intense. Not being able to react, she was blasted away by soil and the like as Dragas plowed into her.

    Not giving her room, he once again bit down on her body and threw her up into the air. Positioning himself right, he leapt at her head first. Connecting with the headbutt, Tiamat was sent even higher.

    Fearing for her pokemon’s safety, Ardnak ran in with her arms out. Catching the chimera, the woman cradled the exhausted pokemon. “Well done,” She commented. “But find me after this tournament. I want a rematch and Tia here won’t be defeated again.”

    Letting out a sigh, Xir merely replied, “I’ll be sure to be ready for that day then.” Dragas meanwhile was dogpiled by the rest of Xir’s pokemon.

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Word Count: 1532 words
Proper Spelling & Grammar?: No

Balto | Lilipup/Poochyena/Rockruff : 427 words
Olivine | Rockruff/Bulbasuar: 427 words
Barley | Rockruff/Sandile: 427 words
Amber | Rockruff/Buneary: 427 words
Tamera | Rockruff/Tropius: 427 words
Bosco | Rockruff/Tepig: 427 words
Dragas Furfrou/Durant: 1532 words
Tiamat | Charmander/Dratini/Houndour : 1228 words
Xir | Humaniod : 1532 words
Ardnak | Humaniod :  1228 words

Number of Moves Learned:  5
Dragas-Ref: Crunch, Iron Head, Bug Bite, Dig, Headbutt
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Written -1532 Words with Spelling + Grammar

Balto has gained: 10 Health, 2 Attack, 3 Defense, 1 SpAttack, 4 SpDefense, 11 Speed, for a total of 31 total stat points, and 7 Levels!

Written -1532 Words with Spelling + Grammar

Olivine has gained: 6 Health, 8 Attack, 3 Defense, 6 SpAttack, 6 SpDefense, 5 Speed, for a total of 34 total stat points, and 7 Levels!

Written -1532 Words with Spelling + Grammar

Barley has gained: 7 Health, 5 Attack, 7 Defense, 3 SpAttack, 8 SpDefense, 3 Speed, for a total of 33 total stat points, and 7 Levels!

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Amber has gained: 54 Health, 57 Attack, 52 Defense, 60 SpAttack, 50 SpDefense, 49 Speed, for a total of 322 total stat points, and 65 Levels!

Written -1532 Words with Spelling + Grammar

Tamera has gained: 6 Health, 2 Attack, 4 Defense, 8 SpAttack, 6 SpDefense, 4 Speed, for a total of 30 total stat points, and 6 Levels!

Written -1532 Words with Spelling + Grammar

Bosco has gained: 7 Health, 8 Attack, 3 Defense, 2 SpAttack, 6 SpDefense, 3 Speed, for a total of 29 total stat points, and 6 Levels!

Written -1531 Words with Spelling + Grammar

Dragas has gained: 3 Health, 6 Attack, 7 Defense, 3 SpAttack, 4 SpDefense, 3 Speed, for a total of 26 total stat points, and 6 Levels!

Written -1532 Words with Spelling + Grammar

Tiamat has gained: 3 Health, 5 Attack, 4 Defense, 7 SpAttack, 8 Speed, for a total of 27 total stat points, and 6 Levels!

Written -1532 Words with Spelling + Grammar

Pokemon of Choice (Xir) has gained: 4 Health, 4 Attack, 6 Defense, 3 SpAttack, 10 SpDefense, 4 Speed, for a total of 31 total stat points, and 7 Levels!

Written -1532 Words with Spelling + Grammar

Pokemon of Choice (Ardnak) has gained: 2 Health, 7 Attack, 10 Defense, 6 SpAttack, 5 SpDefense, 2 Speed, 32 total stat points, and 7 Levels!

Trainer receives 312 Tetras!
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