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    Lumbering through the quiet dirty streets of the village out in the Jallera countryside, Mordi could feel something unsettling in the air. Her hairs stood on end as she peered around the town. [Why did it have to be tonight of all nights?] She asked out loud before the first signs of trouble began to drifted in.

    The smog was a deep purple and floated in the breeze. Mordi watch through lazy eyes as the clouds began to collide with the homes. [That’s no myst storm,] she muttered as the wooden structures began to slowly melt.

    Letting out a blast of psychic energy, the cloud backed off and releasing the houses from their fate. Taking several steps forward, she was surprise to see the cloud return and thicker in density. Blasting it again resulted in a similar result, making the cloud almost a solid wall of gas.

    [This is a lot worst!] she exclaimed casting out her powers more in an net this time. She pushed back at the clouds before it reach the town. The going was somewhat easy as it provided little resistance. But her psychic senses started to pick up a presence in the smoke. Before she could react, it attacked. Slamming into her belly, the unknown creature unleashed another plume of smog from its mouth before fading into the cloud.

    Recovering from the attack, she started to blast randomly into the fog, momentarily clearing pockets of it before the gas filled it up. Another tackle from behind her caused her to loosen her grip on the purple cloud.

    Anger fuming to the surface of her mind, she channeled all her psychic energy into launching the fog skyward. The sudden clearing of the fog bank revealed a swarm of koffings stunned at display of power. Not taking a moment to let them recover, she blasted 3 of them in a single attack.

    Coming to their senses, several of the poison gas pokemon fled from the village. Others though began to counter attack with sludge and gas. Summoning a flurry of cards around her, Mordi unleashed her trump card attack, striking as many as she could. Some connected with their targets and fainted almost on the spot. Those that dodged continued their assault.

    Taking a sludge bomb attack to the face, Mordi lost her concentration of the poison cloud above her as she coughed. With it slowly falling down and toward the village again, Mordi knew the clock was on.

    Casting out her powers, she attacked the remaining koffings, pinning them down to the ground long enough for her follow up with her Trump Card attack. As the smoked clear, most of the koffings laid fainted on the ground. Only one remained to stare her down. The koffing rushed forward, gas billowing from it’s exhaust ports. Meeting the challenge head on, she charged up one last psychic attack.

    The landed, blowing back the koffing who responded with a sludge attack that coated the chimera’s coat. Snorting in anger, she charged the floated ball of gas. Slamming hard hard she followed up with another trump card attack. The combo blew the koffing far from sight.

    Barely taking a moment to breath she look back at the cloud of purple gas as it descended on the village. Roof shingles began to melt to night under the weight of the concentrated cloud.

    Casting another psychic net under the cloud she tried to lift it up off the town. But from the strain of the battle, she could barely stop it from falling. Sweeting pouring off her brow, she gave the mass a mental push. The fog bank shifted a little, creeping toward the side, clear of any buildings.But it was not enough, sinking into the psychic net and closer to the houses.

    Then there was a shift in the wind. It started out slight but soon the wind was pushing the mass to the town’s west, away from the building and toward open grassland. Letting out a exclamation of joy, Mordi slowly loosen the net from the top down toward the bottom, strengthening the bottom of the net as she went. The wind quickly picked up the smog and carried it off. As the last of it cleared Mordi could feel the strength of her body fade and she promptly passed out on the road, a please smile on her face.

I am completing the objective 4 for Phase 1 of Fearful Frolic 2018

Word Count: 731
Proper Spelling & Grammar?: Yes

Mordi | Espeon/Typhlsion/Mamoswine: 731 words
Koffing Swarm | NPC: 731 words
IncarnateInfinity Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2018
Written -731 Words with Spelling + Grammar

Mordi has gained: 4 Health, 1 Attack, 3 Defense, 4 SpAttack, 3 SpDefense, 2 Speed, for a total of 17 total stat points, and 4 Levels!

Written -731 Words with Spelling + Grammar

Pokemon of Choice has gained: 2 Attack, 4 Defense, 5 SpAttack, 3 SpDefense, 2 Speed, for a total of 16 total stat points, and 4 Levels!

Trainer receives 147 Tetras!

For completing Objective 4 of Phase 1 of Fearful Frolic 2018, you have earned 300 Tetras!
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Bonus Stats to Balto
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