Alchemist Tournament - Fight 1 Dragas Vs DD

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Published: February 15, 2019

    The cheers of the stadium’s coward echoed down the dark passageway and washed over Xir and Dragas. The tall human looked over his Pokemon, barely scratched from his training earlier. But he knew there was little more he could do to prepare for this competition.

    Ardnak stood off to the side, looking dejected as she stared down the hallway. “I really wish I could have taken part,” She complained.

    “If next year they allow trainers to fight alongside the pokemon,” Xir committed with a wry grin, “then I’ll gladly let you take over.”

    “You’re so sweet to think that way of me,” She replied with a honest smile.

    Dragas gave her a raised eyebrow before looking up to his trainer. Chuckling, Xir patted the pokemon on his head. “All we got to do is wait for us to be called,” Xir said looking down the corridor towards the battle arena.

    In a hallway opposite to Xir and Ardnak resided their opponent. Clad in her usual plague doctor get up minus the mask as instead it hung at her side, was Araceli. She was sat on a bench, her thick head of hair acting more like a cushion of sorts as she leaned against the wall, her eyes staring ever so pointedly at her tournament bred Pokemon.

    “You ready for this?” she asked Double Dragon. The large, near three meter tall, dinosaur turned to look at her. The beasts white pupiled eyes that lay inside of tinted green goggle-like domes held within them a fiery desire that gave Araceli a response akin to that of a herald’s proclamation of uplift. She smiled in turn, reaching out a hand in an offering to the magnificent creature before her.

    Lowering her head, DD placed the bridge of her nose against the flat of her trainers hand. A smile formed on her face while a chuff in her throat could be heard. This was it. This was what they had trained for over these past three weeks. Araceli went to stand, keeping her hand atop DD’s snout; steadily sliding it off while she stood up straight.

    “Let’s show these people how hard you worked to get here.”

    “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!” a man shouted from central arena, “Our next match up is about to begin!”

    “That’s us,” Xir commented as he motion towards the arena. With a curt nod, Dragas started forward with his trainer behind him.

    “Knock ‘em dead Wolfy!” Ardnak shouted as she made her way out the room and towards the stands.

    “This match is between representatives from two neighbors on other sides of a bay,” the announcer continued, “First up, from the Kingdom of Jallera. He’s a stalwart advisor and expert trainers of cacines. It’s Xir and his partner, Dragas!”

    Stepping into the open air, Both pokemon and trainer shielded their eyes the best they can from the high noon sun. People were cheering madly, hoping to see a great clash between pokemon. Adjusting his ceremonial plate armor, Xir watched the other entrance for his opponent.

    “NEXT UP WE HAVE…” he started before looking at his paper, “From a nomad’s lifestyle, Araceli! Though she has placed Dragon’s Peak as a location, it is also of note that it is not where she resides!”

    Araceli looked forward through the hallway, arms at her side and hands balled into fists. Beside her, DD let out a deep snort. The two were ready for this. They walked forward, DD’s steps causing audible noises as her entire weight was placed into each one. The hallways walls helped amplify the sound to those who sat looking on in the stadium. For them, what would be simple heavy steps now gave off a spine tingling echo with how the noise encased the place, ultimately hushing a good number of people.

    “Well now,” Xir commented, “Talk about a hard opponent right off the bat.” Dragas meanwhile took a couple steps back as Araceli and her pokemon walked into the arena. Rather than backing down, Xir himself, rested a hand on his chin thinking hard about the challenge ahead.

    “You both know the rules,” the announcer stated looking down from his booth. So keep it clean and simple.

    Nodding towards the man, he turned his gaze towards Araceli. “Pleasure to meet you, Ma’am. On behalf of my Lord and the Kingdom we hail from, it’s an honor to have you as my first opponent.” Respectfully he bowed, letting the plates of his armor slide against each other in the motion. Unsure of what to do. Dragas followed suit and bowed the best he can.

    “Likewise,” Araceli responded quickly and simply, a small wave of her hand in a flicking motion. DD answered the man by getting into a fighting stance, outstretching both wings, and letting loose a loud and rumbling roar that shook the very core of those surrounding them. She was ready for this to get started.

    “One attack this round, yeh?” she called out to the announcer.

    “Yes! One attack!” he answered back.

    “Power struggle. Interesting first round. Alright then. DD!” she called out, “Superpower!” And the dinosaur roared out and charged forward with her attack.

    Stepping to the side, Xir pointed towards the on coming dinosaur. “Iron Head, Dragas!” The dog gave him a confused glance that was only replied with a simple nod. Snorting in frustration, Dragas lowered his head and charged forward.

    Letting his furred head shine with a metallic sheen, the hound counted out the steps the giant pokemon took before leaping at it blindly.

    Superpower came as a heavy and hard blow, hitting that super effective mark despite the resulting ability the other Pokemon had resulting in a depleting of the attack’s damage. Araceli knew this round wouldn’t be going to her, as in no way would she have been able to overpower her opponent’s opposition. That dog was a literal wall with the ability they had.

    “At least we’ll deal some damage to it,” she said a bit begrudgingly. That’s all she was aiming for anyways upon seeing her opponent when the round pairings had been posted. “That canine won’t be leaving without some bruises. We’ll make their win one they can’t walk away from unscathed.”

    The Iron Head attack Dragas performed hit hard and heavy. The Superpower counter attack though sent him flying back into the wall of the arena. Xir stared ahead toward the great beast’s trainer as she was saying something out his hearing range.

    “Come what may,” he muttered to himself, “If the rest of the opening bouts are like this, We might stand a chance to lose this.”

    Limping a little, Dragas pulled himself from his crash site and returned to his trainer’s side. With a pat on his head, Xir lead his pokemon up to their opponent. “Excellent display of force,” he said with a cheerful tone, “Not many can barrel through his toughness so quickly.”

    The iron head that hit didn’t send DD back from force, but the blow was more than enough to knock the wind out of her and cause her to step from side to side on confused legs. The world was a lit with white as pain rushed her skull. It wasn’t long before she fell to her side, stumbling over her own legs as she tried to shake off the blow that left her dizzy.

    Weather she fainted or not was kind of unknown as her body didn’t really stop moving, and groans from her throat rumbled continuously through the stadium. Still it was evident that the attack had done enough damage to cause her HP to have a heavy drop. Soon after, the dinosaur opened her eyes and saw the light vanish, bringing back her view of the stadium.

    “Can you stand?” Araceli called out to her rather calmly. She knew how strong DD was, but still had in the back of her mind, a concerned thought on the girl’s condition. With a weak little roar, she got her response. DD began to stand back up, shaking her head once more as she corrected her line of sight. She then began to walk back over to Araceli, head hung low only because of the headache that now permeated her prehistoric thoughts. Once over at Araceli, she felt her trainer place her hands on either side of her head.

    “I’m so very proud of you, DD,” she told her.

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